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Monday, May 14, 2012

Power dependant

I grew up in an era when we had electricity, but if there was a cloud in the sky, there was a good chance you could find yourself without power for hours.  Or, a fuse would blow fairly regularly.

These days, there are advances in technology and knowledge, and power outages are few and far between, and most often just appear as "blips" or "hiccups" in service.  Even fuses/breakers seldom interrupt day to day routines.   Sure, they still do their jobs, and you find that a circuit may be overloaded.  But for the most part, younger people of today are unfamiliar with the term "black out".

Well, last night was one of those exceptions.   We were happily watching the finale for Survivor, when in the last 15 minutes, we had a "blip".  Maybe lasted five seconds, if that, but enough to cause the TV box to reset.  Fine, we'd miss a bit, but there was nothing to do but wait...then, there was another blip.  And then a third... When the power shut down the fourth time, it didn't come back.   Since it was close to bedtime anyway, K. went to bed.  I stayed up, hoping.... checking outside in the neighbourhood to see if it was a "pole fire" (often occuring during wet weather, when  damp conditions cause a short in the wiring and the top of a hydro pole ignites) There were a lot of sirens around - one of my trips outside I overheard a dog-walker telling another neighbour the firetrucks were headed out one of the nearby streets... Anyway, it was sort of "painful" to see that the other side of one of the streets still had power.  Neighbours on this side were blacked out, but still - a couple hundred feet away, people were enjoying (maybe) the final moments of the Survivor finale reunion show....

Really, with all the excitement, I forgot one small detail.

So, I stayed up a little longer, paced a bit... finally went and did the bedtime routine things by flash light and battery operated LED lights.  I have this little LED fixture thingy above my sink, to make it easier sometimes when I'm washing dishes.  My sink is not below the kitchen window - oh, wait, you all know that, since I shared pics of my kitchen here before.  And I went to bed.

The power came back on, turned out an hour after going out.  I realized as I lay in bed that I needed to go back downstairs to turn off the living room light, and the TV.  It was acting funny, so it took a bit of effort, and the little light was on saying something was being taped.  I thought it was a glitch from being interrupted while recording the finale - - even though we were watching, I usually tape anyway, just in case.  And in past years, DH (which, for those non-craft-group readers, means "dear husband") might go to bed early so I keep the tape for a bit in case he wants to watch.  So, I checked what was being recorded, and the remote was acting up.  Giving me unexpected results when I pressed certain buttons....

Finally - discovered, if that is the right word, that what was being recorded was the final episode of the season of "Once Upon a Time".  DANG!!!!  Missed the first 45 minutes of it.

So, I need to go hunting for a video stream or whatever it is called.  The TV network that carries it, does show episodes via website, so I can go get it from there.  But darned inconvenient!!!

Otherwise, today is going to be a "take it easy day" - DH home from work (summer hours - don't know if I've blogged about those, but I will soon) and we took the dogs to the vet today. BUT - I'll blog about that tomorrow.  :)  So, now I have at least two topics I can blog about, just in case I can't think of anything else on those "short post" days :)


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