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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Another gorgeous day

So another excuse to say screw the house.

Yesterday, we got some of the mess I wanted done cleared up.  We put the cover on the gazebo.  And not much else.  Today, I want to get the grass cut.  Really my only goal today.

Last night, I was kind of ready to go to bed, but discovered that the last Harry Potter movie was just starting - so I stayed up to watch it.  I got it for Christmas on DVD, but since watching that means hooking the laptop to the TV, I just haven't really gotten around to watching it yet.

I must say - the whole movie series was handled rather well.  There were some things left out of the first couple that would turn out to be key to the plot line, but they recovered rather nicely later.  I really liked that they didn't leave out a couple of things that I was afraid they might.  I was a bit disappointed they really shortened the segment where Harry talked to Dumbledore's brother, but I guess since they'd cut out so much of that part in the earlier movies...

All in all, I enjoyed it.  Books are always better than movies, of course, but they did do a pretty good job.  Stayed to the general theme, and didn't change a bunch of stuff.

So, got a few more things to do, then I'm off the the great outdoors!! :)


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