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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Messed up...:(

After writing my post yesterday, with my big plans, I recalled I needed to do some errand running - despite having requested that I not have to deal with anything this week.  I was not happy...  And now, today isn't going any better.  Forgot about the interruptions from the dogs due to it being garbage day.  So, I am not getting much of anything done.

I really feel frustrated again.  Or maybe still.  I mean, I know that life can throw you curve balls, and that I need to remember to just roll with the punches, but some days I feel more like a punching bag than others.  I know that any "plans" I make *could* be interrupted by life.  But when I am constantly being interrupted by either other people (I know I can say no, and I often do, but sometimes I must say yes or compromise) or by life situations that I have little or no control over, I tend to get upset... I used to be much more impulsive and flexible.  Guess I'm just getting old and set in my ways...

Actually, I think it is more a case of the morbid realization that I *am* getting older, and there will be less time to do the things I really want to do... Not that I plan on leaving any time soon, and I've known enough people who've died too young, but trying to be somewhat realistic here.

So, besides not having a clean or tidy house, I *have* been working on the shawl, and have discovered that the second pattern has flowed from the first as smoothly and appealingly as I'd originally hoped!!  I even have some ideas for continuing it... Now, if only the next pattern section will work as well :)

TV - not much to report.  DH watched the rest of the Race thing he missed the other night. Then he went to bed, and I watched yesterday's ST Voyager.  Oh, and last week, what with hanging out at the laundromat, I started reading my latest Death's Daughter book.

Well, maybe I can still get *something* done around here... the dishes, the fridge needs a good clean-out...


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