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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Confidence coming back

Well,  I didn't do much, but accomplished a lot today.

I was asked by a friend/extended family member if I would help her out with her knitting.  She'd learned several years ago, but wasn't sure if she could remember any of it, so would I teach her.  Ended up that she took me out for brunch today to a buffet place, so we knit between courses. :)  She actually did quite well - but it took me a while to realize that she had been taught to knit by a left hander, so she was knitting from the right needle to the left, instead of from the left needle to the right... I should have picked up on it sooner, but we sat across from each other and for some reason, it looked right.  I know that in the first few minutes, I think there were things going on in my brain, but I was more focused on how she held the yarn, and the technicalities of how to cast on, because that was what she had said she couldn't remember.  So, I did think there was something, but dismissed it because I was watching something else... it wasn't until she was distracted for a moment mid-row, and started knitting the same stitch twice, that I realized what was "wrong".  But, it works for her, and the only real trouble she will have is if she reads a pattern that has shaping... she'll have to reverse some things.   She said she will be content to knit some scarves and maybe move up to hats, so she isn't worried.  Besides, if she ever does go farther, she can always come to me again for help :)

In the meantime, we had quite a bit of enjoyable conversation, too.  I quite enjoyed the break, and the company.

This evening, just before I started this post, I finally sat down with notes and chart, and I undid two more rows of the shawl, and I counted and placed markers, and found the mistake.  It was several rows back from the one that I'd ripped and knit three times, so I'm glad I finally just ripped back a few more rows to fix it.  Having a few regrets at not using a lifeline, but I'm really getting good at "tinking" or unknitting rows stitch by stitch.  I really wouldn't have wanted to rip back to the start of the repeat of rows, which would have been where I would have placed a lifeline.  So, I'm glad it worked out. :)

Anyway, I'm now ready to move forward again on the shawl. Hopefully, I don't run into too many more major reknits like that again.  It is almost the end of April, and I just haven't gotten any project finished!  I am really looking forward to getting this shawl finished and ready to share the pattern :)

So, that is my post for today.  It is raining out, finally, we really need it.  But it's cloudy and dark and miserable...they're saying it is supposed to be sunny and warm - we'll see...


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