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Friday, April 20, 2012

Doggy Memory

I just responded to a post on Facebook, by - asking if you remember your first dog.  Brought back a whack of memories!  I may have to dig up a picture (if I can find one!) and scan it...

Anyway, my first dog was Suzy.  I don't know what breeds she was made up of, just that she was a "cross breed terrier" (I think it was terrier...but I don't recall her having any terrier characteristics)  I decided to make a blog post about her, because I was thinking about things like, her colour, and some of the anecdotes about her life.  So, I felt like sharing.

She was mostly black, with some white on her legs, face, and belly.  She also had some brown highlights on her face - when I thought about that, I realized, that those are the same basic markings/tri colour of both Bear (though I didn't pick him out) and Lady.  Wonder how much the subconscious mind works on those sorts of things?  I like all borders, but am particularly attracted to the tri-colours.  Mind you, I love black cats, as well as tuxedo patterned cats - and my first cat(s) were white, or orange or grey tabbies...

My dad brought Suzy home for me - can't recall where the name came from.  Just liked that name, I guess (I called my first cat Sydney, even though she was a girl kitty).  I think, though, in Suzy's mind, she was his dog.  After he died, my mother needed to learn to drive the car, and Suzy wouldn't let her get into the driver's side of it.  She had to get in the passenger side and scootch over.

She once alerted a neighbour a few doors down when someone was breaking into their garage.  She was loved by many in the neighbourhood.

Yup - she was a good dog....  Funny, how you don't think of an old pet like that for many years, then when someone tweaks that memory, a ton come flooding out!

Now, the shawl:  I've hit a bit of a disappointment.  I've discovered that there is no way to move seamlessly between lace patterns... I had hoped one would flow naturally into the next; they *can*, but not within the confines of keeping the shawl a rectangle!  Or, without having major sections of plain stocking stitch.  Neither of those appeals to me, so I'll just have to knit a plain row between sections... :(  I had hoped to do four different sections, to tell the "story" of the shawl, but couldn't find a really great lace pattern for one of them.  So, I am going to have to skip it.  Another pattern can do double duty on the symbolism (great word, and one I couldn't think of yesterday when I wrote my post) for the one I couldn't find, though.  Oh, and one of the charts that I found, I don't trust... so I'll have to take a break from the shawl to work a swatch of patterning on some scrap yarn.  I'm not in a rush for that, though - I still have a repeat or two on the first section, then I can do a few repeats of the second section before the one that I'm concerned about.  I'm just very excited, because I'd played around with the charts some last night, and pretty much have the shawl mapped out now. :)

I am also getting excited about talking about the story behind the shawl, but I really want pictures to go with. :)  So, I am going to try to contain my excitement.   :)  I think I already revealed the name - Memories of Mexico.  The seeds of this shawl were planted in my brain while standing with my feet in the ocean on a beach in Mexico, in February of 2011.

Argh!  I've said too much!!! ;)


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