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Monday, April 09, 2012

Giving up and Adapting

I'm giving up on creating a chart for at least the first part of the shawl.  For some reason, I just can't seem to get it to work out right... Normally I love working with/from charts, and I'll even chart out some written directions.  But, in this case, line by line directions are working better.  Maybe I can return to a chart later, but for now, I must write it out.

Which is fine - most people who like charts can still follow line by line directions.  But people who don't like charts, well... if there is no written directions, they will often pass on the project.  So, this seems like a win-win to just go with writing out what I am doing.  I'm still more or less using the chart for myself, though.

Remember a few days ago, i wrote about that 5S program?  Well, I've decided I'm going to need to adapt it slightly for my purposes.  Still the same thing, really, but slightly different order and focus.

My version:  (which is more than 5 S's, by the way)

Shoot:   Pictures.  Before and after.  I may or may not share the before pictures publicly.  Probably not... But I really need that reminder of how far I've come... As in, I tend to see what isn't finished, or still needs doing, or that I'm not happy with (painting issues), or whatever.  So, I need a clear reference so I can *SEE* a difference.  The after picture will be hand in hand with the end - the sustaining, the standard of clean that should be maintained.  A reference point, a goal to live up to, heck, even a future "before" picture, in case I can make improvements.  The after picture will also be a proper picture of possessions, for insurance.  I've been meaning to do that for years - once even phoned the insurance agent to ask if that were a good thing to do/acceptable.  I will take the picture, then burn it onto two CDs  or DVDs, then keep them in two different locations.  God forbid anything should happen, but if it does, it will help to have a record.

Strip:  Remove everything from the room or area I'm doing.  It really is hard to sort or clean if there is still stuff everywhere - you end up picking things up, putting them back, moving them around, trying to work around things, getting cramped and frustrated, maybe breaking something... So, it just seems logical to strip out an area completely. Box stuff up, put it in another location, at the very least, making it easily portable.

Shine (A):  Thorough cleaning of the area.  Wash walls, wash windows, wash ceiling, wash floor.... wash the entire area down. Paint if possible, make repairs.  Start fresh.

Sort:  Evaluate all that boxed up stuff that was stripped out.  Is it worth keeping?  Do I really need it?  Do I really want it?  Should it be kept elsewhere?  Should it be given away or thrown away/disposed of?  Group like things together, so it is evident just what sort of physical storage area it needs. (high shelf, long shelf, small cupboard, etc.)

Shine (B):  Wash or otherwise clean items that are being kept and returned to the area.  Kind of obvious - you wouldn't put dirty laundry back in the dresser and closet; you wouldn't put dirty dishes back in the cupboard; so everything that is being kept will be dusted or washed or whatever.  And if it isn't worth cleaning, well, it isn't really worth keeping, then, is it?

Systemize/Standardize:  Organize and arrange things when they are replaced in the area.  Make sure that the things used most often are easily accessible.  Arrange things in the most pleasing way, especially those things that are highly visible.  But don't cheat and slough off this one just because things are hidden behind closed doors of some sort.  Take the time to properly arrange things in a logical and orderly manner.

Sustain:  This is the killer one - the one that killed me before.  When I first had my house cleaned, I was able to have all maintaining housework done by 8 am at the latest - bed made, bathroom wiped down, any dishes dealt with, floors swept, etc.  I chose one day a week to do a deeper clean - wash floors, wash bathroom, etc. and on those days, I was done by 11 am.  Maybe noon, if I had a lot of dishes left over.  (Back then, it was Mondays, and I took Sunday off from doing dishes and things... It was also Monday for laundry day).  So, I used to  have a lot of guilt-free free time.  I loved it... I want that back....

Satisfaction:  I want that back.... So, I need to take back my life, and once I get it back, and start to enjoy the guilt-free free time again, I hope that it will help me to stay on the Sustain and maintain track. :)

Years ago, when I first had that lifestyle, it took me about three months to get it.  I started after we'd come back from a trip, so about mid January.  I had the lifestyle I wanted by the end of March.  Maybe only two or two and a half months... It really should be better now, in some ways.  But slower in others.... Back then, my son lived at home, and had a friend staying.  So there was more day to day cleaning...  Now, though, I've got that project to work on, and I'm older and a little slower, and thanks to dumb things I've done with my hands, I'm a bit out of shape physically.  And then there is the emotional exhaustion of depression and frustration... And I really have to make sure I don't keep making excuses that bog me down even further.

I just need to get off my butt, and START!!!

Start, Shoot, Strip, Shine, Sort, Shine, Systemize/Standardize, (second shoot) Sustain, and find Satisfaction!!


  • At 9:26 p.m., Anonymous Cindy from Dallas said…

    Ah, right, that shawl. I knew about that shawl. I look forward to hearing more about it.

    Good luck with the 11S program.


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