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Sunday, April 01, 2012

March successes and fails, and April Goals.

Well, let's see...
March was:

1.   Finish sea cruise for DH -- done.
2.  Start my sea cruise socks -- nope.
3. Finish Hermione socks (from January! Ravelry group)--done
4. Restart Blathnat socks from January Rav group--nope
5. Finish pink flora fauna socks  from January Rav group--half.
6.  Get going on finishing part of Celtic Cape--nope.
7.  Free up needles so I can finish striped socks--um, think they're free, but didn't restart....
8.  New Raverly Group sock challenge for March: (Feb didn't grab me)
    1. Owl socks (need to buy beads)  size 6 beeds - ~~80  --- bought beads and have yarn
    2. Mystery sock again - will involve cables probably so need solid yarn -- saved pattern parts, didn't cast on.
    3. Gecko Eyes socks -- nope.
    4. Menehune  Cobblestones sock -- nope.
9.  GET CRAFTROOM DONE - box up stuff, organize room, start unboxing properly and sorting stuff. -- nope.
10. Get bedroom tidied up -- nope.
11. Begin actually writing document -- nope.
12.  Write up patterns for baby blanket and afghan, and start (or finish) writing up  pink/cat/florafauna sock pattern -- nope.
13.  Work on special project - this needs to be finished this month, so I really need to not put it off now. -- embarrassed to admit... nope.

so - I did 2 and a half of 16 goals...

So.  April:
1. No longer able to put off special project.  I did kind of star on it, but really didn't do what I should have.
2. Finish Pink Flora Fauna (one done, second in progress)
3. Type up three patterns - pink sock, afghan, baby blanket before I forget all the details.
4.  Type up document outline at the very least.
5.  Celtic Cape worked on.
6.  Blathnat socks
7. Striped socks
8.  Cast on for new shawl, writing and typing directions during knit so I don't put that off!
9.  Pick a room, and properly clean it.
10.  Dye the yarn I want to dye.
11.  Crochet the bolero and tank top set.
12.  Learn something new.

I forgot about #12, during March.  I really don't think I did that - I mean, I *read* some directions to try a different cast off, as well as remembered that I saved directions for channel island cast on, and I thought about maybe searching you tube for tubular cast on that I had tried to figure out once before but couldn't; but I never really did much... I mean, I suppose, in some ways, reading about a new technique is almost like trying to learn it.  But until I pick up needles or hook and  yarn, I really don't learn it well... I do learn by reading, but until I practice it, I really don't retain it much.  But, if I allow reading to learn part of it, well, I read a bunch of different sections of Principles of Knitting; so, that kind of counts I guess. :)

I'm sure there are other goals I should have added, but I can't think of all of them right now.

So, let's see if I can do better than two and a half ;)  It will help that I will try to avoid causing myself any more injuries!!


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