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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


So, yesterday, I spoke to DS (the D not necessarily being dear in this context...) about the GK visits this week.  The boy wanted to come, and the oldest girl is going with me Friday night to see CATS.  I had indicated that the boy was welcome either Wednesday or Thursday, the latter being preferred.  So, after the discussion last night, turned out the boy was coming today.  Fine - I could go for that.  Then, this morning, at around 6:30, I opened my Facebook stuff to find a message from him, could "N" come tomorrow.  I responded a quick "YES".  So, I set about to engage in my normal relaxed morning routine.... At nearly 7:30, I hear the gate, and see my GS scooting past the kitchen window... Now, I am not sure why someone would do it to kids who aren't twins, but the boy and the youngest GD have very similar names.  And, at 6:30 am, my brain is not really functioning.  So, it seems, that tomorrow I'm getting the youngest GD for the day.

I'm not complaining - she has never had a chance to spend a day with me.  She's been too young.  The boy started all of this a couple years ago, while I was still working.  He came up with the idea that he wanted a special specific toy, and wanted to earn money cutting grass or whatever to save up to buy the toy.  At first, my reaction was, Grandpa already cut the grass...  I phoned back to say that even though he couldn't cut the grass, I had some household chores that he could help with...

After a few visits, the older girls were a little jealous of the time their brother got to spend with me.  So, I arranged for them to help out.  Everything was great - heck, even after I could no longer pay them, these kids want to come over and spend a day with me, and help out, and don't mind if I can't pay.  And they were fabulous help when my hand was broken last summer.

However, the youngest was too young to really manage a whole day.  And a bit young to do too much, either... (not that I want the slave labour, but even to try to entertain one so young for a whole day...)  Anyway, that is why, when it comes down to it, that I wouldn't renege anyway.  The youngest is now old enough to handle some light light duties, and spend a day with me.  Visiting, watching some TV, apparently she likes to wash windows (hey, that is what the boy said!)  So - what the heck.  I can spend a day with her.

So - that means, three out of four of them are spending time with me this week.  So, I just said to DH, that leaves out the one.  Even though I have some errands to run Friday, I've put in a request to have the third middle girl on Friday, and she can stay for supper, and I'll drop her at home when I pick up the oldest.

I'm not going to get much done this week, lol... But, quality time with the grandkids is more important than anything else.

In the meantime, I have two very tired puppies - they adore the boy.  They've been playing nearly non-stop all day!  The cutest - the boy wanted them to play hide and seek.  So, he'd hide his eyes, tell the dogs to go hide, then count to ten.  The dogs would stand behind him, and when he turned around, they'd lick his face.  I dont' think they quite got the concept, lol.  But they all had fun!

So - tonight is Survivor night, and the dogs will likely sleep right through :)

Will try to write some more tomorrow - probably not until evening again, though ;)  And I'll let you know how the little one enjoyed her first all day with Grandma.


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