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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Well, it took a while....

But I moved all my bookmarks and stuff over to Chrome. Thank you, Cindy :)

Now to see if everything works better.  I think it might... The frustration of big corporations being idiots to each other.  Internet Explorer doesn't get along with Gmail - so MSN is fighting Google.  Now it seems Firefox doesn't like Facebook.  Don't know why...

Anyway, I'll see what happens using Chrome for a while.  I do like google products, and had downloaded Chrome way back when.  But, since it was so very different than what I'm used to, I never really went far with it.  When I decided to check out what all the fuss was about Angry Birds, I started using Chrome a little.  I really started using it on my netbook, when both IE and FF started messing up with accepting passwords.  I really kind of got used to Chrome there.  Not sure if it is/was the difference between operating systems (Vista here on the laptop, Windows 7 on the netbook) or what, but Chrome wasn't behaving the way I thought it would when I first started out this morning.  But, I finally got smart, and checked the "help" file (duh, you'd think that should be the *first* thing to do...) and got all my bookmarks and stuff taken care of.  :)

So, I think I might be able to knit tonight.  I'm going to try it.  I have removed the bandages again to air the wounds out, and have not bothered with new bandage on the ring finger.  The divot seems to be pretty much filled in and nearly healed.  Still a bit uncomfortable if I bend the finger at that knuckle, and generally tender still, but mostly healed.  I'm impressed with the speed it healed.  The middle finger, though, still needs the extra protection.  It started to bleed again a bit when I tried doing some things without rebandaging it.  Now, the new bandage just happens to be put on in a way that it is catching on some of the keys while I type.  I'm making all sorts of new typos, lol.  Anyway, though, it is still mending, slowly slowly slowly.

TV hasn't been much to write about.  But books - well, now that is a different story!!  :)  I love POK.  Principles of Knitting.   So much to learn!!  I can hardly wait until I have the time to spend with it and needles and yarn.  Or even just reading through some of the how-to design sections.  Speaking of designs - If I can successfully finish these socks, I think I'm going to start swatching the lace  yarn.  I am going crazy with this design in my head, wanting to get out and onto paper and into yarn.  I'm very excited about it.

And, of course, I really want to get going and knit my own kitty, too ;)  That is another great book.  I've seen the knit your own dog book from the library, and there isn't enough that grabs me in it to justify the money.  But the kitty book - lots of winners there.  And finding out that my new favourite yarn shop will become a Rowan stockist, well - can't wait until I can start scooping up the great yarns again! :)  I can get some nice Kidsilk Haze for kitty making.  :) And some nice wool/cotton blends for sweaters, or socks - it will be 4-ply, so it would become costly to buy enough for sweaters.  But, I know that Rowan wool/cotton blend is a lovely wool, and some of the sock designers have used the 4-ply for some lacy socks.  :)

Too many projects, too many yarns, not enough time or money for them all!

Well - I need to be off now to put some bread crumbs on some shrimp for supper!  Will write again tomorrow!


  • At 9:11 p.m., Anonymous Cindy from Dallas said…

    I hope you will like Chrome. So far I do.

    I have mostly been reading along, but a little slowly, spotty, and without much response, because my almost 3 month old daughter has been keeping my hands busy...

    I am very glad to hear that your fingers are healing, that was a nasty accident you had. Even the not-gory pictures looked ugly! Glad you didn't end up with blood poisoning or tetanus!


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