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Friday, March 16, 2012


I messed up.  I didn't post yesterday. 

I *was* going to - but my Firefox froze.   I had to close up the program, and somehow I just never got back to it.   I was clearing up some stuff, doing dishes, looking for one of my Barbara Walker Treasuries, and I just sort of walked away from the computer and forgot... :(

I was doing so good!

I would have said, yesterday, the I love the new Principles of Knitting book.  That I did a very brief comparison - I had flipped through the first edition, but spent a fair bit of time reading the section on different types of cast ons.  So, that was the section I looked at in the new edition.  It was definitely updated, and had more variety... I also flipped through the new edition, and found a lot of great stuff.  I even found a stitch pattern I like and want to use for a project, but there aren't directions for it!!  It is simply added as a pictoral example of lacework.... So, I need to find it in one of my stitch dictionaries.  Some how, I cannot find my first treasury...

So, I may need to try to work out the pattern from the picture, instead.

Today - I did my weekly shopping.  Ordered Principles of Knitting... Yes, I must have it!  It really is that good.  :) 

Watched the season end show of The River.  Won't surprise me if that one doesn't come back for another season.  Yes, I liked it at the beginning, but after a while, it got to be not so good.  I get why they filmed it the way they did, but often it made it difficult to watch.  Like, you really couldn't see what was going on - too much camera jiggling and poor lighting, and cameras pointing away from the action.  In some ways, that worked earlier on, when the story line had some mystical supernatural creepiness to it, but soon even that became campy and less spooky.  Perhaps even gratuitous.  Overall, I'd say the story started out great, but then fizzled.  If it comes back, I'll probably continue to watch, but like I said, it probably won't.  In the meantime, there is still one more Walking Dead for this season, and I can hardly wait to watch it! 

Other shows - Grimm, Pan Am, and Once Upon a Time are hanging on - but being shown sporadically.  Well, Grimm is on pretty regularly, but the other two - I may be missing an episode or two.  But I try to watch out for them, and catch them when I can.  A new series started last night, and we taped recorded it, but we aren't sure whether we're even going to be interested or not. 

So - other than, I am nearly finished the Sea Cruise sock - one and a half motifs to go on the foot, then the toe decreases - I really don't have much more to say.  Hopefully, I don't miss posting again... 

Oh, and yesterday was the 44th anniversary of the date my father died.  Not sure why I am posting about it - just that I happened to note the date.  Most years, I really don't think about it much anymore.  Not that I don't think of my father, or wish he hadn't died of cancer when I was a little girl, but that I don't always mark the date in any special way - more like, Oh, it's March, two of my brothers' birthdays, would have been my father's birthday, and the anniversary of when he died... how many years now?  sort of thoughts.  I don't keep in touch with either of those brothers anyway, and not much point in observing Dad's birthday.  I only really note the 15th if I happen to look at the calendar or otherwise note the day.

I'm far more excited, right now, that in two weeks, I get to see CATS again :)  With my oldest grand daughter this time.  Last time, my husband went with me, and he is the first person I asked. When he declined, I figured, since my GD is into music and singing and stuff, that she might enjoy the chance to go.  Checked first with my son and DIL, and then asked her.  I'm pretty sure she is looking forward to going too. :)

Ok, more about that later, and probably some pictures soon.   When I'm done Sea Cruise, I'll be starting the shawl, and probably working on my pink socks in between.  And I've still got a lot more projects to work on before the end of the month, as well as adding a skill or two to my repertoire. To meet my monthly goals, that is!  (heck, I already blew my year goal to post here every day)


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