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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Readin' and knittin'

Well, I'm nearly finished the book.  And I've got half the gusset decreases done.  And my kitchen floor is covered in muddy dog prints.  Again.  Or maybe I should say still - hard to tell at this time of year, when the dogs can't help but get muddy every time they set foot out of the door.

Yesterday, the yard was a lake.  I was thinking about pumping some of the water out, but everytime I was going to go do it, it would start raining.  So, I'd do something else instead, and the rain would stop.  I'd think about getting my boots, and it would be raining again... Anyway, late afternoon, the sun actually put in an appearance, the wind died down, and DH and I went out and set up the pump.  It was hard to tell, while standing in the middle of the yard making sure bits of twigs, leaves, and other debris didn't clog the pump, how much water was being drained.  I mean, we didn't expect miracles; as long as there was still snow and ice in the yard, it will continue to melt and refill the "lake".  I did notice things like dog toys or bones that were under water when we started had surfaced.  But it wasn't until we were done as much as we could and I stepped back and looked at the yard that I saw just how much we'd done. 

Between the sunshine, the little bit of wind, and the too dry ground from last fall, I think we actually have less standing water in the yard now.  Not that I'm complaining ;)

I am a little concerned, having pumped the water away, about that dry ground.  But I also know from past experience that even dry ground can't soak up water properly when it is overwhelming.  And when that happens, we get some water seepage in our partial basement.  So, I think I prefer the pumping, and if I have to, I can water the yard with the hose.  Yeah, I know, seems wasteful.  But, I've also been looking at some plans to make a garbage can rain barrel.  Not sure if it will be easy to find plastic garbage cans anymore; what with the city having those automated bins.  On the other hand, there are situations where big garbage cans are still needed to collect refuse... And there are people in rural areas that no doubt still make use of them.  So, I'm sure I'll find one.  Or maybe I'll see a relatively clean one at a garage/yard sale soon... 

Well, I was hoping to accomplish some things today, but I won't be if I keep hanging around here. :) 


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