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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Non craft or pet photo (and sock report)

Strange things have been happening lately.  Friday morning we had a power outage.  I have a laptop, so I could have done a lot of things - but couldn't access the net.  Our access is power dependent.  So... it meant a late start to my morning, and it was the day I was to get my hair cut, see my chiropractor, grocery shop, and do a few other errands.  Of course, it also meant a rather crappy post late Friday.

Last night, I worked on the Sea Cruise sock while getting caught up with Walking Dead.  I'm really getting into it now, and rooting for some characters, and wishing others would get eaten by the zombies.... Don't want to say too much, in case someone else is, like me, behind but wants to catch up.  I have two more episodes to see before the new one tonight - I think it will have to wait until next week for me to get into "real time".  I have a lot to do today - work on the special project, DH wants a hair cut, and I want to make a new recipe for supper for the first time tonight - will take probably about an hour to an hour and a half to do (cooking time amounts to nearly 3/4 hours, and since I'm doing it for the first time, prep will take a little longer).   Plus, I'd bought some fresh type veggies for the new recipe and another that I like to make now and again, but since I won't be making them both at the same time, I need to blanch and freeze most of the veggies.

Sea Cruise second sock is nearly all the way through the first repeat of the leg motif.  It was getting late, and I was somewhat tired.  Checked through some of the patterns I have on my netbook, and when I looked at Hermione (don't ask me why, but I'm sort of glad I did) I discovered that it wasn't a gauge issue, I actually did too many repeats on sock 2 leg.  That was why (though I don't think I mentioned it before) the second leg seemed to be longer than the first - it is.  You know, I have run into the odd pattern that doesn't want to be made, or the odd yarn that doesn't want to be made into a particular something.  Usually, when that happens, I put the yarn aside, and either delete/scrap the pattern, or try it with another yarn or at a different time.  With socks, I've been fortunate int hat it usually happens with the *first* sock.  Not the second....   So, I started ripping back the 8 extra rows, and... the power went out.

Started the bedtime routine of putting knitting out of the reach of dogs (especially the birch needles!) and giving treats, filling food and water bowls, setting up coffee and tea for the morning, letting dogs out, all by flashlight.  While the dogs were out, the power came back on - but the next block up still didn't have theirs.  So, I reset the clocks, and went to bed.

This morning, got up to find the clocks flashing again.   Hubby says he knew about the power outage during the night, but not the one just before I went to bed.

So, tonight, I have to finish ripping the Hermione leg, and I think I'll work on the heel of that sock.  Will be in the livingroom with DH right up until Walking Dead starts, then I'll move to the kitchen so I don't spoil the story for myself.

Still on the strange happenings - several days ago now, I was going to boil up some eggs for egg salad.  I ended up making extras, so we'd have some in the fridge for a while (eggs, not the salad).  Besides, there would have only been a couple left in the carton, so it just seemed logical to boil them, too.  I always add a splash of vinegar to the water so that if one cracks, the whites don't ooze out. I don't know what the magical property is that makes it work (remember, chemistry was not my strong suit) but it does.  So, it was a couple days later that DH went to have egg salad, I was going to peel the eggs for him, and discovered one egg had a crack.  No big deal; despite the fact that the egg white doesn't ooze out, sometimes the water will seep in, replacing the little air bubble that is in the fat end of the egg.  Well, we discovered, for whatever strange reason, that the water had totally enveloped the boiled egg inside the shell, and actually froze!!!!! The entire egg was encased in ice.  The second egg I peeled was fine - not frozen or anything.

Here is one of the pieces of ice that came off the egg...
And Lady's nose, and my hand trying to stop her from eating the ice before I could take the picture, and the strap from the camera because I only had two hands!

Now, here is the egg:
The ice made it all wrinkly!  Here it is again, with the "good" egg.
And one more time....
It was edible, though he said it was kind of rubbery. 

So - that is the strange goings-on in my house lately.

I might just take a picture of my kitchen, since I finally cleaned up the two counters... then you can see what little I have to work with.  Amazing what I can accomplish with no counter space, though. :)  I've very determined.  But even I have my limits, and I'm really stretched out of patience with having to make do.  Anyway, I should get the dishes cleaned up enough to not be too embarrassed by a picture I can share!  You'll know in the next couple days. ;)


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