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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Brain mush

I might be coming down with something, which is not a good thing.  I can't seem to concentrate to put together a decent post on my March goals.  Sinuses are plugging up on me, which always makes me feel sleepy/dopey...

BUT - I did figure out something last night, while watching the news.  They were talking about how there isn't a comparison for "this date" last year for temperatures - and I again thought about my dilemma with understanding the whole calendar season thing... then it dawned on me.  The calendar is a human construct.  That is where the difference is - not in the earth's turning.  It occurred to me that when they talk about spring "officially" arriving, they not only announce a date, but a time.  So, that is where the quarter day is absorbed in the calendar - at the hour.  Again, a man made measurement of the passage of time.

So - now that we've got that one solved ;)

Hermione socks.  I haven't taken a picture, but I did get working on the leg portion.  Yes, there is a slight difference in size of cuff - not enough to rip again, but enough to show that everyone is human and knitting at different times will affect gauge.  I think it worked out to maybe one stitch difference when I compared them side by side.  I'm not redoing them yet another time for that much difference.  There is a slight desire of the yarn to want to do a spiral pattern again in the cuff - I've already decided not to care about that.  BUT, I did make sure that I loosened up a little with the knitting on the leg, since I was finding the birch to be a bit "grabby" and the stitches don't slide easily.  Since I didn't recall that being an issue on the first sock, I figured I was getting too worked up about this sock, and needed to relax. 

I think the leg is just a bit bigger on the second sock....  (I don't care! I'm finishing these socks this time no matter what!!!)

Grafted the toe of the first Sea Cruise sock.  Rewound the yarn because the ball was collapsing in on itself.

So - even though I should be writing down my goals for this month right now, I'm not going to.  I'll do them tomorrow for sure - because I want to add a couple of pictures, and because I found a way to access my January and February goal posts.  Hm.  Posts about my goals.  Yeah, that sounds better!! 

So, I'll be able to sort through where I'm at.

Tomorrow, though, too- it is hair cut day, and chiropractor day, and shopping day... so I'll be out most of the day.  But, I promise to find time for writing up my goals.  Really.


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