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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Laundry.. the never ending chore

Washing dishes and washing clothes.  Two chores I absolutely hate.  Why? Because they are never ending, for one thing.  Seems like as fast as you can get all the dishes washed, there will always be another one dirty....

Laundry is the same way... Admittedly, part of doing laundry I don't mind much.  The sorting into loads, the washing, the drying, the ironing, the folding.  The part I don't like is the sorting clean stuff.  I know there is only two of us, and it isn't hard to tell whether it is mine, his, or the house stuff (towels, eg).  But, then you still have to sub-sort it.  This drawer or that drawer, match up the socks, kitchen towel or bathroom.  I hate it.  Slows me down.  I dont' mind folding everything, just hate stopping to look at it, figure out what it is, where it goes... and if I do all the shirts first, 'cause they go together in one drawer, then while I'm doing the next thing, turns out there is a missed shirt, but the shirt pile is now under the pants pile.... Very frustrating. 

And right now, I think we're getting into the problems of the tree roots in the sewer lines.  Which means, the water drains slowly.... and the cost of a plumber, and the trouble of a plumber....

I'm not in a happy place right now.

Did get the heel turned on Sea Cruise, though.  And started down the gusset.  While watching The River.


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