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Sunday, February 19, 2012

I know I did...

I know that I posted a title for yesterday's post.  Yes, none are showing up.  Oh, well - now I can't think what I used, and I don't' know if it matters that much anyway... I did forget one little thing, though - I do admit to altering photos for colour accuracy.  :) 

Went out for dinner last night.  Fundraiser.  Was great, just like last year.  This year, though, we stayed after for the entertainment. Japanese drumming... I took along the restart of the Hermione sock.  Dropped my dpn twice!!  Both times were at the start of a knit, so I also was dropping stitches.  Saved the stitches, and didn't lose the needle... dark crowded hall.   This fundraiser is quite popular!!

Before we left, we gave the dogs some chew things.  Rawhide bones.  Made sure, as always, that there was lots of food and water for cats and dogs.  We were only gone two hours.  Came home to find one of the chew things had a couple gnaws on it, and the loaf of bread that had been on the table was now just a few crumbs and a torn up plastic bag.  No big loss, really, because they'd already gotten into this one several days ago.  We discussed salvaging part of the loaf at that time, since the bag only had a hole at one end - but there were smaller holes throughout, so we didn't.  Lazy me hadn't emptied the compost bin, so the loaf sat on the table, where one of the kitties worked away at the bread at the hole-end.  So, I just never got around to doing anything with the damaged bread.  Yes, I did get around to emptying the compost, and doing other stuff, just left the bread for the critters.

So... otherwise, I really don't have much else to report.  Hubby watched more of the Walking Dead shows last night, so I played on the computer - I don't like watching stuff like that out of order.  So, now he's all caught up, and I only watched the first.  I really wanted to be able to watch it together, and sort of feel now like not bothering with it at all.  I mean, really, I don't know when he thinks I have time to watch - I can't during the daytime, really, (yes, even if I get off this machine faster in the morning) and evenings we watch other shows...   For a while, I was watching taped shows after he went to bed, and there was nothing else good on TV.  Well, he's been staying up later lately, so I don't get to do that anymore.  :P 

I guess I could give up the nightly reruns of Big Bang - even though I still find them funny.  There'll always be a chance to watch reruns of Big Bang, I'm sure.  And there are a few other shows that I'm not *that* into, just make good background noise... Hawaii Five-O is like that.  I can watch it if I want, but if I miss it, I'm not heartbroken... NCIS and NCIS LA are ones I watch much more actively - need to figure out the rerun schedule on them, though, because I came into them both late.  See, those kind of shows, I don't mind watching out of order, because each one is an individual story - and you can pick up on most of the back stories as you go.  But, it will still be good to start off with the back stories in order.

Right now, I'm stalled on the sea cruise socks.  Haven't heard back from the designer on the numbers for the heel.  I really don't want to figure it out on my own, if I don't have to.  I can, but that is a bit of work... and it isn't like I dont' have other projects to work on.  Just that because these are for DH, I want to try to get them finished quick.

I didn't count how many rounds I did last night on the cuff for Hermione.  I'll do that next time I start to knit on them, so I know where I'm up to.

And I've taken pics, so I'm ready to rip then rewind the yarn for the mystery Blathnat socks.  I do want to make them - not abandon them.  Some projects, I try to make, and I realize after making lots of non-progress that the project just isn't meant to be - either the yarn just isn't right, or even though the pattern appealed to me enough to start it, it really just doesn't want to be made afterall.  I have been known to abandon the odd project completely like that.

I suppose I should also get on with my flora/fauna socks.  They just seem to have fallen behind a bit. And, now that there's only about ten or so days left of the month, the Ravelry group I got some of these sock patterns from will be putting out new ones.  I may or may not become entranced with them. Depends on whether I can use stash yarn or not.  I dont' have much solid sock yarns, but I'm really liking this new one.  I shouldn't keep running out for more yarn, though, when I have so many projects started or waiting to start...

And I haven't even finished organizing the room yet.

And I have so many other things I'm putting off....

Heck, I think I just need to stop looking at new patterns!!

Well, tonight is another dinner out.  Our favourite steak house, paid for with gift certificates :)  Wonder what the puppies will destroy tonight?  Report tomorrow....


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