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Thursday, February 09, 2012

So much to say...

First off, let's get this comment thing out of the way.  I was just wandering around the help section of blogger... I must say, I'm a little disappointed.  I realize that when a service gets too big, that it can be time consuming and expensive to have a live type help - and emailing back and forth between a user and a tech can also drag out.  BUT - to not be able to find the issue easily, to have to try to sift through a forum/bulletin board system, where other users are expected to try to help, just doesn't really address the issue of a feature not working properly.

I went to a friend's blog, and commented on her recent post.  I was able to, but it did take three or four tries, and at one point, it came up that I needed to still type in the word verification, but I managed to notice that it also said my comment was awaiting moderation - my friend did approve it and it now shows up.  Why my blog is giving another of my friends so much trouble, I really haven't figured out.  And I still don't know how to turn off that feature... :(

So, here is what she wrote that never got posted on February 6:

I have to admit, I have been a little busy with the baby, this past month, and am just now starting to catch up...  But I don't look at it multiple times a day.  I do very much enjoy reading your posts, and I am looking forward to seeing your socks.  I agree with you about the housecleaning business, and with 2 kids between the ages 2 and 5, I have to admit that my house is not clean up to that arbitrary standard either.  :D  But the kids are happy (most of the time) and healthy, and I am not going out of my mind trying to clean all day every day.  So I think it is a good thing.  And any visitors?  They wouldn't show up without advance notice, so I would have plenty of time to clean at that point.  Much less stressful this way, which means it is better for my health, right? ;)

 That was all in response to my posting about not knowing how many people actually look at/read my blog each day.  After this, though, I think I'll go with the report that I get emailed every Saturday from the hit counter people. Since blogger is messing up with the comments section, maybe the counter is out of whack, too.

Now, on February 7, she wrote:

Here is what I was trying to post on your comments.  Isn't it the pits when the website doesn't behave and there is not much you can do about it?  

I hate it when you rewind a ball and it decides for no good reason to snarl.  It just uses up so much good knitting time!  Sorry to hear it happened to you.  

I am still looking forward to the pictures!  :D

 Well, I did manage to get that ball rewound properly, but I haven't yet cast on.  I'm getting too excited to be close to finishing the green socks.  Which I posted a picture of yesterday.  Last night, I got several rounds done, and I think I'm going to have more than enough yarn to finish these without needing to do the cuff in a complementary yarn.  And, now that there is more length to the leg, I was able to tell that it is snug enough on my leg.  So, overall, I am pleased with these socks and the yarn and the pattern.  I'm even getting excited enough to finish them off - getting one project off the list for things to finish, as well as getting a new pair of socks to wear.  I'm trying to behave and finish them before starting the new pair.  For that matter, I am nearly done the afghan, too, and can cross it off the list. :)  I haven't done ends for a couple days now; last night I was sewing some snaps on one of DH's shirts.  He has this nice heavy denim type shirt that he loves, but the collar insists on curling and sticking up.  He wanted me to figure out a way to reinforce the collar points, or something, to make them stay down.  Between us, we came up with the idea of sewing on snaps.  Since I've become slightly disorganized during the organization process, it was faster and easier to go buy a small packet of snaps.  And, since the shirt was in the laundry yesterday, instead of hanging it up when it was dry, I put it with the craft stuff in the living room, and sewed on the snaps last night before knitting.  

I also realized last night, that I made a slight error in my post yesterday - it has been FOUR years since Spud went to the Rainbow Bridge.  Some how, it just didn't seem that long ago...

More sock pictures:
These socks have a lot of stretch to them, fortunately, but the top cast on row is a little tight - I'm really going to have to be careful with these socks when I wash them.  I took another picture of these in the sunlight, because it finally worked out to show the turquoisy colour of the yarn. :)

Hermione socks before heel turn:
That picture shows the variety of colours, but doesn't do the blue justice - yet, to get the blue right, the rest of the colours don't really show up well.
So, I guess that means that I'm going to have to do a lot of speed knitting tonight!  I've shared all the pictures that I have ready to share!  I'll have to make some progress on the socks so I can take new pictures.  I think I already said that when I'm done all the ends on the afghan, that I'm not doing a new picture of it.  But I'll report as I get more done - 16 ends still need weaving at the moment.  And, I do need to get off my butt and work on the older projects.  And the craft room.  And the special project, which I should be doing today, but have had too many interruptions - I did start on it, and try, but it is garbage day so every little sound the dogs have to go out.  And it is another of the cold snaps, so the dogs don't want to stay out.  And, I think I'm coming down with something - can't seem to stay out of the bathroom (sorry about the TMI).  And for some reason, when I started typing this post, I started getting shaky hands and arms... usually that sort of thing happens when I'm getting a nasty flu or something.  I hope not - I hate being sick, and honestly, I dont' get sick that often.  Anyway, I also get shaky like that when I haven't eaten properly - so, I did take a bit of a break and made something to munch on.  I do seem to be a little better.

Well - it is still somewhat early, the garbage guys still have to come for the blue box, I do need to do a small errand today, so I might combine it with a couple other things (library trip, fuel for vehicle) so I dont' have to do them tomorrow.  I was hoping not to have to do anything outside the house today, but life had other plans.  Anyway, tomorrow I wont' get much done, because I have my chiropractor appointment, then I have a stop to make on the way home.  Yesterday I was out for lunch with a friend.  Anyway, I still might be able to accomplish something today.  If not special project, then house stuff.  Or maybe I'll finally start on that document I need to write. 

*sigh*.  If I could just spend less time on this computer on the internet, and more time doing useful things on it, or staying off altogether and doing other things instead, I'd probably be a lot further ahead!!!  At least I've broken the habit of going online in the evenings...


  • At 12:26 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I hope you are feeling better,being sick sucks. I love these two socks as well. Very nice!

    But if you spend less time on the computer, I will probably hear from you less, and I would be missing you...
    Cindy from Dallas

  • At 12:30 p.m., Anonymous Cindy from Dallas said…

    It seems to have accepted my comment when I posted annonymous, but not through openID, very odd. I will try name/url this time.


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