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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

pictures progress nearly finished a pair :)

Well, I`m nearly finished a pair of socks. 

ARRGGHHH.... Ok, I don`t know if anyone can help me.  I don`t know if anyone can post comments - I tried to do so on a friend`s blog, after the problems with  mine - it was a chore.  But, that isn`t what I need help with.  My keyboard.  It does weird things, and just when I think I know the cause, I don`t have a clue to the cure.  See my apostrophes above?  Well - they aren`t apostrophes.  They`re French characters.  Like, look what happens if I hit the key I normally do for a question mark.... É.  It took me  along time to find the real one - it is above the number 6.  Instead of the caret.  (The little tent thing.  Which I can`t find right now.)  Anyway, every so often, when I miss hitting the key I mean to (usually the shift key) I hit a different one - either control, or alt or something - but in conjunction with whatever other key is needed to switch the keyboard from standard to these other characters.  Sometimes, it goes back to normal after I switch off or even just power down to sleep mode.  So, again, I have no idea how or why.

If anyone knows, please either comment here if you can, or email me at catsrme at (can`t find the at symbol either)  Thank you!!

Now, as I was saying....
The other day, I started the gusset increases on the green toe-up socks.  Last night, I turned the heel, and started on the leg.  Doing a knit 3 purl 1 rib. When I took further progress pictures, the sun was such that I was able to get a closer - much closer - to accurate representation of the colour of the yarn.  So, here are some pictures of that, as well as the sock on my foot.  Showing that my worry from yesterday was unfounded - they fit great!!! :)

The one on the right is the best - lime green!  Reminds me of when I was younger.... This is the leftover Cascade 220 from the mittens and hat set I made for a lady my husband works with.

I may try to sneak a few decreases into the leg of the sock - it fits the foot perfect, but seems a bit loose on the leg.  Not sure if it is the stitch count (never had a problem before) or the fact it is a worsted weight yarn being knit to a tighter gauge so it is coming out fairly stiff, and not hugging.  It could also be the lack of progress on the leg- might not be enough to give an accurate `feel` to the ribbing.

I still like the socks, though.  Nice and soft yarn, very easy to knit with.

I do have some more pictures ready - but think I`ll save them.  I get annoyed with the keyboard not co-operating....

What I will mention - should have been said yesterday, but for some reason I wasn`t paying attention to any calendars until after I`d posted here.  Didn`t want to do a second post.  Yesterday was the three year anniversary of the passing of my little Spud-puppy.  She wasn`t as flamboyant as Bear was, but she is still loved and missed.  Sweet little girl....gone but not forgotten, playing with Bear at the Rainbow Bridge, waiting for us.


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