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Sunday, January 29, 2012


Everybody makes them.  Not everyone work out, though.  Like my plans to get this house in order.  I have accomplished little.  I was going to say, nothing, but then I realized, no, I've made progress, albeit small.  I need to focus on the baby steps forward, even if the giant steps backward bother me more!  I found, during my wanderings, an inspirational quote - Before you quit because the road seems too long, turn around and look how far you've come - and I'm trying to let that be a guide for me.  It's working - helps keep the frustration from overtaking my thoughts.  Since it is almost the end of January, I'm taking stock of some of my goals for the month and the year.  So far, I've been journaling daily in the form of posting to this blog.  That is a "win".  I've not been getting my UFO projects completed nor really much worked on.  That is a "loss".  I met my first goal on the special project - "win".  I got back to tackling the craft room "win".  I'm running out of boxes for the craft stuff and places to put them anyway "loss".  I did not get the simple sock projects I was doing for January done "loss".  I did make a nice baby blanket for a gift "win".  My house is still a disaster "loss" but I got most of my kitchen table cleared off "win".  I managed to squeeze in some quality time with the doggies playing outside "win".  I got lots of sunshine therapy "win" (though I have little control over this, because I can't stop the weather! and I don't have/can't afford one of those special lamps).  Lady is doing so many more normal border collie things now, she's come such a long way in the past year "win".   So - total so far:  Wins - 8  Losses - 4.  Cool - I honestly didn't keep tabs on what I was writing, but it really is two steps forward, one back - but still, that shows progress!!!

So, goals/happenings for the next month:  February is birthday month.  Mine first, DH's second, then our anniversary.  So far, with other stuff that has been happening, I really hadn't planned anything special for any of those events.  Except, that, since the success of our pig roast at home last summer, we're going to have another one this coming summer to celebrate our 35th anniversary.  Yes, it will be a few months late, but better than trying to do a barbecue type affair in mid winter :). 
Journaling goals - Hey, I've made it this far - and it is slowly becoming habit.  I am going to keep it up! I'm also going to make sure I get off my butt, and clean up my rough draft of the baby blanket pattern so I can share it, and write up the sock pattern.  Finally, I've got to get going on another writing project, a document, that has been rattling around in my head lately.  Something I should have done nearly two years ago, but felt discouraged and put off.  Now, though, *something* is making me feel like the time is right, and that I best get going on it.  And, I'm reminding myself that I really shouldn't be afraid of it, because I used to write term papers at University, and get A or A+ on them, so I need to stop worrying about this one. I am allowing myself to admit to being a bit rusty (it was over 20 years ago!) but it is like riding a bike.  And this journaling daily is helping. 
Crafting goals:  Finish all the socks currently being worked on - toe up, flora/fauna, mystery, Hermione, and the one resting on waste yarn, work on the UFO's from before, and finish up the red and white afghan.  (which I've been working on for the last couple days instead of socks).  I will allow myself the option of starting or thinking about starting the new sock for Six Sox group, if it appeals to me.  If not, then I might allow myself another start - but ONLY if I get busy on dying the yarn for the copper dye.  (then I can knit those socks).  So, basically, I will either do the Six Sox (won't know the pattern until February 1) or will dye yarn for another pair.  (the dye process will take a bit of time, so these socks may be started but not finished by the end of February)
Other goals:  Take a good crack at finishing off the next two parts of the special project.  There are only four weeks in February, short month, but I can do one part in two weeks, so it is possible.  And gets that project nearly complete!!  Finish dealing with the craft room part one - boxing everything without losing myself in the more time consuming sorting process, even if I have to stack boxes inside the room - slightly counterproductive, but with everything scattered loose, it is difficult to really do much.  Spending more time with the doggies, continue working with Lady.  She still is trying to be alpha, not so much by being bossy, but by taking her time responding... sort of mild rebellion behaviours.  Like the joke about cats - you call a dog it comes, a cat will take a message and get back to you.  Well, that is kind of like what Lady is pulling - you call her, she acknowledges she heard you, but will come when *she* is ready. 

In other news - going to a fundraising dinner mid-month.  D'Arcy's A.R.C. is having a "Pawsta Dinner" again this year.  They've had them for several years, but I only really heard about it myself for the first time last year.  For a $12 ticket, you get a great pasta dinner!  Sure, it's only spaghetti and sauce (choice of with or without meat) and the usual accompaniments (garlic bread, salad, cake/cookies for dessert) but it really does taste good, and the money goes to help the shelter and the animals.  When I look at Delko, and think what my life would have been like without him, and how important it was that he be able to be cared for in those three and a half months he lived at D'Arcy's, I can't help but donate what I can when I can in gratitude and to benefit the future "Delkos".  Even if all I can do some weeks is to take in newspapers, every little bit helps. 

So - that's my post for today.  Sorry, still no pictures... That is the hardest thing for me - maybe I should make that a goal one of these months...


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