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Friday, January 20, 2012

I found it ;)

I found the template thing, so I can edit things on the side bar.  Now all I have to do is figure out how I want to edit them... ;)

Unfortunately, according to the helpful user friendly guides, I'm using an old template, and must update and use a new one.  I don't know if I want to change that much... I like the pink background.  But, I do  like some of the new stuff, and change can be good.  So, I might just go for it.  Don't be too surprised if you see some changes here next week.

What has me nervous is there is a warning that some things may not move to the new template - I might "lose" some stuff.  Not a good thing to tell some one with loss issues... so, before I start to play around, I need to do some copy and pasting of some stuff.  Just in case...  I don't know if they are referring strictly to the widgets/blog pets I have on the side bar, or if they include posts and pictures... If they do, I'll need to make some copies of all that first... Years of posts... OK, I heard that - I know some of my past postings were few and far between, and some were probably downright boring.  But, some of them, are "timeless" and the only copies I have of some pictures - lost others in crashes, etc. 

Which reminds me - I gotta back up some of these files....

I wanted to take a picture of the blanket - I've just started round three of the border.  I've decided to do a minimum of five border rounds, then I'll see how it looks (and how long it takes, lol)  I may finish it off with some reverse single crochet, too... We'll see.  Then a picture for sure.

And then I can get back to knitting socks!

Today, I plan to redo that fool pantry cupboard.  I think.  I'd like to.  I also have some dishes to catch up on.  And I have to get that craft room in order, before spring thaws... Ok.  So, that will be my priority - the pantry and the craft room.  I need to set priorities, and stop jumping from room to room and getting discouraged.

Just wish I had someone to talk to.... besides the puppies and the brat cats...


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