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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Missed adding titles yesterday and almost today!

So I have some pictures for you.  I took several different angles to show the different texture of the blanket.  I mean, really, it is tactile.  Which is had to convey except with a lot of words, and a poor help of a photo... I also made sure to show how much of the ball of yarn was used for the tighter gauge compared to the loose one.  Again, hard to see properly, but I did my best.  I've now got the new version larger than the old, and have still hardly made a dent in the ball of yarn.  I probably will not need to rip back the first version to finish.  I'm going to be adding a border in white when it is squared up.

 In these pictures, the first one I made is bigger - I hadn't really gotten very far on the new one when I took the pics.  I also had one of my "helpers" - the camera hog...
She likes to climb up on things... my chair, the table, the bed, the dresser... Nothing is sacred to this dog.  We *think* she gets up onto the stove, too, but we're not positive... but somehow between Lady and Delko, they manage to reach things on the back of the stove...  See the edge of my chair on the right hand side of this next picture?
You can also see all the colours much better in these photos, too.  Pink, blue, white, and yellow.

While I was downloading these pictures, I decided spur of the moment to show you all something I bought a few months ago.  I was looking for a new sugar bowl, since mine had been on the counter and ended up on the floor, broken.  I didn't see anything I liked, but I *did* find some cute animal salt and pepper shakers.  They had pigs, and dogs, and duckies, no kitties, but they did have....
Sheepies :)
 Aren't they cute?
So, maybe tonight I'll get a bunch more blanket done, and I'll take some pictures again tomorrow. I might even manage to do some of those socks!  I've got too many projects on the go, not enough time to finish them all, and too many new ideas rattling around in my head.... I'm seriously considering making four afghans for the grand kids for next year's Christmas... But first I need to finish off some of these projects I've got started, before they become UFO's and tie up more needles and hooks :(


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