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Friday, January 13, 2012

Late night post

I was out most of today.  Went for a hair cut, then to the chiropractor (bad news - the joys of getting older - osteoporosis is in my very near future - :( - I gotta do a bunch of exercises to prevent issues with my spine. )

Then, I did a little shopping, and went to the shelter I got Mr. D from.  (aka Delko).  They're having a fundraiser dinner next month.  We went last year, and enjoyed it so much, that we are definitely going this year.  One of the ladies who was working today was the first person I talked to the day I met Delko.  I have taken him back for visits now and again, when I go to drop off newspapers or whatever.  And I took Lady there once to get a collar for her.  But this lady was never there - and lately, I've been running into her again. So, today, I decided... I took my groceries home, dropped them off in the house, loaded up the dogs, and took them back for a little visit. :)

So, by the time I finished all the errands, put the groceries away, it was nearly time to start the dinnertime routine - and I nearly forgot to post here.  But, it is still Friday, and I'm posting, so I haven't missed a day yet this year :)

I did take a picture of the blanket - both the new larger stitching and the older tighter version.  This time, the yellow showed up.  But I didn't pull them off the camera yet, so I don't have them ready to share.  I will try to get that done this weekend some time.  I also did a few more rounds on the flora/fauna sock.  No pictures of that, yet, but I may manage a few more rounds sometime over the weekend.  I hope.  I also have a few other pressing things, so I'm not sure what time I'll have.  But, with all the changing of the crochet blanket, I'm kind of sick of it already...  Which is why I'm working on the sock, too - so I don't get too frustrated or bored with the blanket.  Baby is due this weekend give or take, so I don't want to take too long. As soon as it is done, I push on the socks.  I have four pair to finish by the end of the month!  And the house to get in order.

But at least I posted here today! :)  Some goals are being met just fine!


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