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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

No pics, short post

I didn't take pictures.  DH (that is dear husband, in 'net speak) is working overtime for a while - January is inventory month.  Delko loves waiting for Daddy, and takes up a position by the fence watching for him about ten minutes or so before his usual home time - now that winter had finally hit (for now, at least, not first time it got cold) I have to make sure he understands Daddy is working late - poor little guy would freeze his nose off waiting... Anyway, so, because of the late supper and all that, I spent way less time last night knitting or crocheting, so I didn't get far.  Took the second ball of yarn I'd bought for the blanket, and started crocheting with a larger hook - went up two sizes - and already I'm liking it better.  May be a bit too loose - but won't really know until I get more than two and a bit pattern rows done.  Need something substantial to really "finger block" it into place, to get a proper idea.  So, no point in taking a picture, until I have something really good to see.  And, today is my "favourite", laundry day.  So it will be a stressful day.  Already managed to jam a sliver into my finger from one of the wood posts along side the stairwell to the basement :(

So far we've had a mild winter - a couple deep freeze days in December, but mostly little snow and lots of melting.  Now we're back to deep freeze temperatures for a few days, at least.  Still, nothing to complain about - it is nearly mid January, so winter is pretty much half over already.

And, it is almost D's second anniversary with us.  Sometimes, hard to believe it has only been two years - other times, it is like, Two Years Already???  I still love and miss Bear, of course, and Spud, too.  But I so adore having Delko in my life. :)  And Lady.  Two wonderful dogs... Both have come a long way.  D still has a few issues, but Lady seems to have settled in now.  I love them both so much :)  Ah, maybe I'll share a picture of them from Christmas Eve - maybe I did already, (I've shared the pics a few other places for sure, so I can't recall and don't feel like opening another tab/window to look), but here is my favourite of the batch I took Christmas Eve:  (they didn't object to wearing the props like I thought they might!)


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