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Monday, January 02, 2012

Yesterday's pictures I hope. And report

Ok, let's try this again.  I want to post pictures:

Three football beanies.  Embroidering the laces is the hard part on crochet.

The hats I made for the grand daughters.  The darkest one, the purple - really, the butterfly and flower look better in person.

The beanie I made for myself.  I wear it over top of my earmuffs, and I find that helps to keep them on better when I'm being active outside (playing with pups, shoveling snow, etc.) 

I'm further along with this afghan/lapghan.  I found a great colourway of yarn one day, and fell in love with it.  I thought it would come out better if it were crocheted instead of knitted, and there were only three balls of it on the shelf.  So, I bought them (Red Heart Comfort in "Lipstick" - brighter than this picture shows, really) and I bought an equal amount of the off white.  I'm using a larger than recommended hook to further "soften" the appearance of the scallops.  Didn't want a sharp ripple.  I kind of like this pattern - simple, easy to remember, good mindless work for watching TV. :)  I am not totally positive which is the "right side" -

which is really cool for an afghan, 'cause then you can just cuddle without thinking too hard. :)  I haven't taken a next progress pic yet, but I've finished one ball of the Lipstick, and completed nearly 3 repeats of the red strips.  So - I have a rough idea of how long it will end up.  I hope I can get an even number of repeats, but since it is just something for me to cuddle on the couch with, I won't worry too much if I don't.

Now, progress for today:  delivered football beanie for 1 yr old; crocheted team colour beanie for GS, started team colour beanie for DS, still need to weave ends and do lace embroidery on GS's beanie.  Starting special project today, that will take me probably about two months to complete.  House project - slow start, I didn't do any housework yesterday.  Unless you count, using some leftovers from the fridge to make a stew... But, today after I spend a few hours on the special project, I'll be able to get moving on the house.

Will report again tomorrow, and share some Christmas eve pictures.


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