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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Ug.  I been meaning to post this update for some time.  But I'm so far behind on everything....

So, I finally finished the sweater.  I had to take a break for a couple things - one, I was starting to get sick of looking at the sweater yet didn't want it to turn into a UFO, two I was asked to make a hat and mittens for a lady to match her new coat, and three (I know, I said "couple")  I found a pattern to crochet a hat that I wanted to try to do, which led to a series of hats.

Ok, so, first a picture of the sweater - with obligatory animal content (bad enough the cats turn into "posers" when the camera comes out!)

Now for a better shot of the sweater...
I did enjoy making this one.  Nearly had trouble with the buttons - first of all, there aren't many places to buy nice buttons around here.  Second, I wanted to finish the sweater, then select the buttons to be sure to get right size, right shape, right colour, etc.  Well, I'd been "window shopping" for buttons, so I could shorten the hunt when the time came - turned out I needed 7 buttons, but any of the possibles I'd seen I would have been lucky to get 5 of... So, I had a brainstorm.  I had come across the button tub earlier this summer, before the hand incident, and put it handy.  Went through it, and found two possibilities.  Then I had to decide... the other ones were an orangey beige, very nice, but blended in too well.  Asked DH's opinion, and he thought these green ones were the better choice.  I have to admit, I was leaning that way myself...

The hat and mitten set was done in a bright lime green - I know the thumbs look funny - I probably should have reknit them, but the lady was quite happy with them. 

See?  Kitty butt....

Now all I have to do is take pictures of the current projects.  They are (mostly) Christmas gifts, but I'm 99% sure the recipients don't read my blog.  I'm crocheting a bunch of hats... One likely won't be photographed -it is hard to get if off the head long enough, lol...

Then all I have to do is figure out what I want to work on next - I have been crocheting for a bit, but think I want to go back to knitting - I should find some of my abandoned/put aside UFO's and get them finished, as well as "stash shop" for my next project.  I am discovering that I do indeed have a bit of a stash.  I was in denial - I don't consider it a "stash" as such, because I don't buy yarn just because.  So many people buy yarn because it is pretty, because it is on sale, because whatever... But I only buy yarn for specific projects.  I do buy an extra ball at times; (this reminds me - did I remember to post pics of some prayer shawls I made in the spring?  I had bought an extra ball of Lionbrand Homespun for the first one of them "just in case", and didn't need it, so I *actually returned the extra ball*) and have leftovers, so that is what a lot of my "stash" is made up of.  And, I do buy a lot of sock yarn, which I do admit to buying because it is pretty, on sale, etc. but I don't think that so bad, because you can always make a pair of socks, even if you don't have a specific pattern in mind at the time you buy it.  BUT - I guess working at a yarn store, you kind of lose track... I have been doing some organizing and downsizing since spring, and I've discovered that I have a lot of sock yarn.  A *LOT* of sock yarn.  I also discovered, that thanks to some trips to the thrift store, that I also have rather a fair amount of crochet cotton... I do tat as well as crochet... and admittedly, it does take up a lot of space because for some reason they wind it on a rather large cardboard core, so it looks like even more.  But I do have a healty amount.... (or, I guess one could say "un" healthy...)

There is also the inherited and otherwise given to me stash - I will likely use a lot of that combined with my leftovers to make some scrap afghans.  Haven't done that in a while.... Last ones I made were "stolen" by DS, who ended up using some (if not all, I really didn't want to ask) as dog blankets....  Guess what won't be happening again....Worst was the one that technically he was only supposed to be borrowing - I'd used a lot of my mother's stash to make it.... some of which was used up in that blanket...  Yes, I've forgiven him.  But I wont' be making another afghan for him.  At least he's looking after the quilt I made him!  Guess the word "scrap" attached to "afghan" threw him off....

Ok, will try to keep up better with the blog, now that things are settling back to "normal" now.


  • At 11:49 a.m., OpenID knittingyards said…

    LOVE the sweater! I guess if that means you have a stash, than I am getting a bit of a stash as well... Maybe I should check into that sometime. :D The color of the mittens is terrific, nice and bright, and if the recipient is happy, who are we to complain! As for your scrap afghans, maybe you need to start calling them extraghans? (afghans made out of 'extra' yarn?) :D

  • At 9:54 a.m., Blogger hakucho said…

    Long cuffs on mittens are a good thing...great job on the's gorgeous :)


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