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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Another finish for 2011

I finished another pair of socks!! These are the ones that I made a slight mistake on - not really noticeable. In fact, even though I knew roughly where it was, I have trouble finding it...

I also discovered, while comparing foot length to the first pair I made using this pattern, that I had made a slight boo-boo on those, too... Oh, well - guess it is just one of "those" patterns, lol. I still love them. (In fact, I'm wearing the new socks today!) Finished them off last night. I was working on them two at a time on one circ, and had to make a bit of an adjustment when I worked the heel, but otherwise - I finished one toe day before yesterday, and the second toe yesterday. Wove in the tails, and took the pic, 'cause I knew if I didn't do it last night, it wouldn't get done, 'cause I knew I'd want to wear them today :)Well. So far this year I've started and finished: worsted weight socks called "hills less travelled", two pair called "sixth sense" socks, a pair of "spring lace" socks, these "Victorian lace" socks, a crocheted hat, knit gloves, crocheted net-book tote, and a knitted prayer shawl. All of them are projects that I started since Jan. 1 of this year...

Of course, it would be better if the finishes were UFO's that had been started before...

Now, I need to work on that sock pattern I'm writing. I have rewritten the tricky bit, but now need to knit the tricky bit, and maybe take a couple pictures while I do - just in case. I'm going to have to find a test knitter or two, to see if I need to add pictures or if I've explained myself well enough. :) Then I can share it! Well, maybe I should finish knitting the foot, too, lol...

Need to make another prayer shawl, then work on finishing that baby outfit, then I can maybe concentrate on some other finishes and maybe treat myself to a new start or two...

I went stash diving, (ok, honestly it was an attempt to do some organizing and tidying) and discovered that I already had the "perfect" yarn for a shawl project. It was one of my rare "must have this yarn even though I don't have a pattern yet but it can always become socks" moments. Fleece Artist yarn, merino 2/6 combined with a mohair referred to as "angel hair" that were both dyed to match... Several colourways of that yarn called to me while I was working at the yarn store, and it was a great price even before my discount.... the Merino 2/6 stuff could easily become socks, and since I've been dabbling in shawl designing and collecting other shawl patterns, I was sure the mohair would eventually come in handy... which it did :)

The colour is a beautiful pastel browns/blues/greys/greens, which remind me of a peaceful forest. And the shawl that I want to make has a forest theme.... Watch this space for future updates on it. :)

My mother's day present from my son was a miniature rose bush to plant in the yard. The weather isn't quite nice enough at night yet, so I've been putting it out during the day and keeping it sheltered at night...

Well, that's about it for now.

Needing to get some more organization done.... really seem to be getting motivated a little more when I hear of disasters - I know, that almost sounds terrible, but with all the floods happening close to home, and the fires not far (1/3 of a town turned to ashes!), and terrible tornadoes a little farther... I start thinking, why am I keeping so much stuff? What does it matter in the big picture? And if one of those disasters happened to me, it would all be gone anyway - I could save some, but not all... And what good is it sitting in boxes buried in the garage or basement?

Sure, I'm still keeping some stuff, but I'm also finding it easier to let go of others... for example, I have a lot of books on bugs - I may not like bugs, but I like to learn about them. Well, I don't have enough shelves, and they are all in boxes in the garage, and if I really need to know something, I have google.... So, I'm passing on most of the books to either my niece who could probably make better use of some of them, or to one or another of my favourite charities for fund raising efforts. :) I have a stack of boxes to go to Salvation Army thrift store tomorrow, and a box that is nearly full to go to the shelter that my beloved Delko came from - they are having a yard sale next month, and they also operate a thrift store.

I titled this picture "MY ball"....


  • At 9:57 p.m., Anonymous Cindy from Dallas said…

    Sadly enough, your pictures seem to have disappeared. :( But everything sounds lovely! I look forward to seeing the shawl, and the socks, and the rosebush... :D


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