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Friday, May 06, 2011

pictures of recent finishes

I'm trying to behave, and not buy more yarn or start more projects unless it uses stash - I try to only buy yarn for projects, not just buy yarn because it is pretty - except for sock yarn. That I bought because it appealed to me, but at least knowing that I could always whip up a pair of "plain vanilla" socks. Unfortunately, it means that I dont' have very much solid colour sock yarn, so once in a while, I've still had to buy more sock yarn to make a specific pair - like the ones for the Six Sox Knitalong group from Yahoo groups. I finished them the other day, and wore them yesterday:A bit of a complex knit, but nice socks :)

I also mentioned working on a prayer shawl. It was a Lion Brand pattern using their Homespun yarn: Called, if I recall, Splendid Triangle.I really like how it turned out :) I might just have to make another shawl for me, in a different colour... hmmm.....

So - those are the pics I have to share for now. I am going to try to get going on a pair of socks for DH, a "plain vanilla" pair using one of the stash sock yarns; I also have to remember where I stuck some Briggs & Little Tuffy I picked up to make him some heavier socks - the ones I made him a few (6) years ago wore out rather suddenly and beyond repair, so a remake is in order. He loved those socks.... I also have a pair of lace patterned socks on a needle for me, about half finished. And, I am going to make a pair for a Ravelry group sock knitalong. Then, I have to get back to the celtic cape, and I have to finish up the rest of the baby gift I started - I hate seaming up stuff....

Oh, and then there are my own designs to get cracking on.... Wow, and that is all for the month of May!!!! We wont' talk about the pattern stash organization, or the gathering of yarns and sorting them, or the housework (which I've pretty much given up on, with such a wet spring we've been having and two rambunctious doggies...)


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