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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Still sorting myself out

Well, when we got back, I had a nasty cold/flu thingy. Still coughing myself silly half the day.... wish I could lose the cough. Then I will be back to "normal". Am just about back into what passes for a routine, too. See, the other thing - - when we got back from the trip, DH had also booked a couple extra weeks of holidays. So, I didn't have to get up so early in the morning. And it wasn't easy to get into a routine with him under foot. So, I basically took a "holiday" of sorts, too. Besides, I missed my babies (doggies) and they missed me. I spend some quality time snuzzling with them. And a bit of retraining - what with only just getting Lady to properly bond with me, and with all the arguments about who was alpha female, I was a bit nervous about leaving her. It could have gone two ways - it could have destroyed her (thinking she'd been abandoned again, and even though I came back, needing to re-establish the trust and bonding) or she could have reacted positively to the return, reinforcing the trust that I do love her, and that I will always come back to her. Fortunately, the latter was the case. She is very bonded to me now, and is very obedient for me. Tested a time or two, to see if I was going to cave in on the alpha thing.... Delko, however, reacted not quite as well... he seemed to become a bit more insecure - not wanting to let me out of his sight. Of course, since he is so routine-oriented, keeping to the previous routines when I need to go shopping, etc., and telling him where I'm going (I know, dog whisperer experts say that the talk is for the human's benefit and means nothing to the dog; but since body language and tone of voice *do* matter, then I'm giving him the message whether with words or actions that I'm just going shopping, and will be back soon) and such things have helped. He seems to be ok with my short errands, but when I'm home, it's joined-at-the-hip time again. Hopefully, he'll get over it. I've noticed that he is getting better; there is now some distance between us again, and he isn't waking up from naps every time I shift my weight...

Anyway - besides getting my daytimes in order, I've also got some catching up to do with emails and Facebook and some computer games. Yeah, I know -I like a few games.... Anyway, I've been trying to keep up with what is going on with the online world of crafting and kitties. I'm just about there - this blog post being all a part of that. :)

So - I should be just about ready to share some pictures from the trip, and talk about some crafting. Silly me didn't take any pictures of the gloves I knit on the beach, or the hat I crocheted, or the socks I started to knit, (and finished at home) or the "room project" I didn't spend much time on. Hey, I didn't spend a lot of time in the room, except to sleep or change clothes!! Anyway - I'll take pictures of those things soon, and post them, too.

Otherwise - going out to a fundraising dinner tonight. Bought tickets before we left, which was a good thing, 'cause they sold out. Pasta dinner - or, "Pawsta" dinner ;) It is for the shelter that Delko came from. Looking forward to it.

So - that's about it for now. Need to sign off of here, and maybe do things like, get ready for going out for supper ;)


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