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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Been very busy with painting - am trying to remember to take some before and after pictures - not many in progress shots, though.

I had thought I'd managed to post some pics of the upstairs closet last year. I had painted it, but hadn't taken before pictures. This year, though, I took out the carpet and put down some self-stick tiles (it *is* only a closet, after all - more on that, though, after). When I did, I removed a closet rod. Where it was anchored to the wall, the original paint shows up.... Now, I'm getting older, and my eyesight just isn't what it used to be. I really need more light to see properly these days.... Used to be able to see quite well in dark or semi-dark; in fact I'm rather light sensitive. However - I do like to see what the heck I'm looking for in the far reaches of the closet.... so, I painted a nice shiny (reflects light) bright snow white. I am doing the same for the downstairs closet, and eventually the insides of the kitchen and bathroom cupboards. Anyway - here's the best I could do for showing you the difference: Yes, it was a light brown colour. Very dark and dingy....

The downstairs closet was a yellowy beige colour. I haven't downloaded from the camera, but I did take a picture of a shelf with the first coat being applied.... Will share that one later.

Anyway - just wanted to let you all know what was going on with my life.

The tile thing: I wanted to put laminate (fake wood) flooring down in the bedroom. We did that to the livingroom a couple years ago, and it was a learning experience (we didn't do a perfect job, but decided we could live with it). DH didn't want to do the laminate again. He suggested tiles - self sticking ones, even. I chose not to start a fight, but to go ahead and look.... Well, we bought the self stick tiles in white for the closets, and I almost settled for some that looked like wood inlay. But, I truly wasn't happy with it.... So, at the last minute, I didn't buy them. I'm so glad.... I ended up buying laminate flooring a few days later, on sale, in the finish I envisioned for the bedroom.

The bedroom is the next room to be done, but the carpet will likely also come off the stairs at that time. Replacement, in order of acceptability to me: a) Ceramic tile, b) wood/laminate.

We shall see what happens when we get to that part....


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