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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Didn't make it again....

Though I finished crocheting on the blanket. Now to weave in ends. I have three more buttons to sew onto the knitted sweater, and I have to sew 5 buttons on the crochet sweater, sew in the sleeves, and weave in ends. Fiddly little time consuming jobs...

But, I've already done the laundry. So, either I'll track down some things to toss in to make a small load when I'm done the finishing on the gifts, or they will be done by next laundry day... :(

We've been having super hot heatwave type temperatures, with high humidity, and no breeze for several days. I've been trying, but it is hard to find cool time to work on these things. Mostly, it has been worked on in moments between supervising new doggy outside.... Lady and Delko are getting along fabulously, but it is still a good idea for me to supervise their playtime, to make sure it doesn't get too rough. Plus, I need to work on training her for good manners outside. As in, it is perfectly all right to bark two or three times when someone walks by the house; that is what dogs do. But, after that - need to keep quiet.

I don't have to stand outside hovering over the dogs for that - I can sit at the patio type table. But, I'm the type that would go insane very quickly if I didn't have something to keep my brain or hands occupied. So, that is when I work on the projects. (I could take the laptop out, though, too, and play around.... hmm.... NO!!! Wait - discipline. The baby gifts come first!!!!)


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