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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

My Grandson Has a Way With Animals

Besides being a great football player, that is.

When we got Delko, he was very shy around strangers. Especially men. As for children, well - he was totally afraid of them. Didn't know what they were, or how to behave with them, or much else. Then, one day, I had GS over. Admittedly, I did make Delko let GS pet him, and scritch under Del's chin (a sure fire way to Del's heart). Within five minutes, they became bestest buddies.
I think that GS would do well to go into some sort of animal work when he's older - vet, vet tech, animal trainer, zoo work.... he really is great with dogs. I have more pics of him with dogs, and with his sisters.

Wait, what is that you say? Yes, at first glance, these pictures do look a little photoshopped. Honestly, I wish I knew how to do that. However, they are not photoshopped.

Did grandkids bring their dog with them? No, actually, their dog is some sort of shepherd cross as well, and several years older than D. Their dog is the same age as Mica, as a matter of fact, which makes him some 6 years old.

So, who is the mystery dog? Well, she's D's new little sister, Lady. She's 9 months old, a border collie rescue, and she's had a bit of a rough start in life. But, she is now in her "forever home"; at least as far as I'm concerned. So far, the dogs have hit it off well. Poor little girl doesn't know how to play, but Delko is working on that. He pokes at her, barks in her face, bows to her, challenges her, bites at her, until she finally gets pissed off enough to start chasing him. They run around the yard, and the look of joy on D's face is great -- of course, though, they only do this while the camera is out of reach.... lol.... I'll get a movie of that eventually.

Lady also got Ashleigh to like her after about ten minutes of whining and looking totally sad.... Mica on the other hand is slower to make friends. I was surprised at that - Mica is, after all, the "little black dog". Not sure what is up with her. I'm sure she'll come around soon enough.

So, I have a lot of work to do - training up the new baby - in many ways, she is like a two month old puppy in a nine month old dog body. I've still got those baby gifts to finish - have to sew buttons on the knit sweater, sew the sleeves to the crochet sweater and add the buttons, and am about two thirds of the way done on the blanket. I was hoping to have them done by last week's laundry day, then figured today was fine.... If I don't get them done by next laundry day, I'll really be late with them. :( All I knew for sure was that the baby was due in August. And I'm still working on that special project. That one is going to take more time than I first allowed - I thought I could pull it off in six months; I still might, but a more realistic timeline is 12 months, from what I've been learning while working on it. Not happy about that, to be honest, but it seems that it is not just what I want, but what really works. Oh, well, I can only do my best.


  • At 9:10 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Glad your blog is back. Glad you're back.


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