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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Current WIP's

Well, the two main ones - I do have a couple others, as mentioned....

This is the knitted sweater - I have to do the two underarm/side seams, then sew on some buttons.

For the second sweater, I still have to do a few rows on the back section, then the left front. Then there are a collar and button band to do, too. Not to mention, making the sleeves. When I found this pattern, I thought that it could work for either a boy or girl; and I chose a nice neutral brown/beige for a colour theme for this gift. Now, though, I'm almost wondering if the scalloped border is too girly looking.....

The blanket has the scallops at the top and bottom edge, and plain sc in the middle. I'm using a different yarn for that, though. And, I haven't started crocheting on it yet, either.

Didn't take picture of the shawl/scarf. I should, maybe.... a "before and after" picture, since I'm going to rip it out.... Well, not all out, just back a couple dozen rows. Of lace....

I also have another shawl, one I designed, that needs the ends woven in. It needs to be blocked properly, too. I did block it, sort of, but did a rush job on it. I really want it to be stretched out proper.

Then, it will be time to sort through my stuff, clear up a few things, prepare to make the next batch of baby gifts, and find those UFO's and get a bunch of them looked after.


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