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Monday, July 05, 2010

Back again :)

Ok - back from a weekend of rejuvenation :) Mind you, it was all rain and mud and muck... but, gave me a chance to go through some files on the laptop, and I found some more pictures. I mentioned, before disappearing, that I'd made a knit-then-felt bag. Took pictures of it this weekend. It is a ripple knit bag - and I loved making it. And, it turns out that I did take a picture of the blanket that matched the hat - so I'll post that one tomorrow. I do have a sore finger, which is making typing painful right now..... somehow ended up with an infection beside the fingernail - hurt to crochet or knit this weekend; all I could do was mouse stuff on the 'puter....

Anyway - getting a bit late, and tonight is "Big Bang Theory" night (so what if they are in summer reruns - still a great show!) Will write up more and share pictures tomorrow :)


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