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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy Gnu Year.

Ok, I had a moment of silliness with the title :)

Just wanted to wish everyone and anyone who reads this a prosperous and peaceful 2009.

I'm making progress on the baby sweater, the baby blanket, and the kitty blanket. I successfully executed my first ever two colour granny squares last night. Oh, I knew how they were made, and figured I'd have no trouble with them. I just never got around to making them before. I laid out the little squares (2.75 inch each) in place, to see how the kitty would shape up. This blanket is going to be HUGE!!!! I know, when I sew them together, they won't be quite as big as when they were just set beside each other on the floor. But I was surprised how fast the little squares added up to a big square, lol....

Ok, that is one of my weaknesses - I have problems visualizing spacial things. I have no real concept of space/size. Honest - I can imagine all sorts of things - have a vivid imagination even. But when it comes to real-space things - I have to have a template drawn out in some way. I can handle scale, or real size templates, but I just can't envision where something will fit or what it will look like size wise. You know, like when you look in a catalogue, and it says something is so many inches or centimeters wide by so many long... I go get a ruler and lay it down, move it around, to get an idea of the size....

Ok, bared the soul a bit - it remains to be seen if that is a good way to start a new year or not :0

So, the kitties were finding so many mice, that we decided to help them, by setting a mousetrap. Suddenly, there seems to be no more mouse activity.... guess they realized that their friends/family weren't coming home anymore, so maybe our house wasn't a good place to hang out.... Well, that is a good thing - means the girls are earning their keep :)

Well, guess that is a good enough quick post. I'll try (again) to post more often here. Maintenance - my mantra for '09.


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