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Monday, November 03, 2008

Found some pictures

I was so sure I'd lost them... I don't know what happened to one, maybe I didn't even take a picture of Ash on her own blankie... But here she is, stealing (or is it testing?) Bear's blankie...

And Mica had to test it out, too, but at least, she shared...

Bear likes his blankie... He uses it often :)

Other recently completed projects: I finished Nikoal's birthday blanket. A few months late, but still...I also knit two pair of wrist warmers... one for me (grey) and a green one for a gift.

I've used mine often - I really like them. I'm going to make a second pair for myself, too. And, the grandkids want some...

I've been teaching them to knit. I'm starting them on dishcloths - then they will do a scarf. After that, they can continue if they want (we'll do mittens or a hat, something in the round) or quit. As long as they give it a fair try, I don't mind if they aren't interested. The boy (who will be seven in mid-Dec) is very interested - in fact, last week, while waiting for me to get their breakfast ready, he started reading through one of my knitting books...

The oldest girl is also quite enthusiastic... the middle child, though - I get the distinct impression she is only doing it because the others are... there just isn't the interest. Which is fine - As long as she tries it before she decides it really isn't for her.

I know, I have four grandkids, but really, Nikoal is only three, and I have the others for up to an hour in the morning before school....
So - other pictures....Some cloths that I crocheted over the summer....

I don't have pics of WIP's, but I'm making a baby blankie for a gift for a friend (due in March) and I'm almost finished making a Lopi sweater for me. I also don't get to take pics of the projects that I've worked on for work... store samples... but I've done some of those.
Well, that is about all that I have time for today - I'll try to pop in again later in the week. :)


  • At 3:35 p.m., Blogger Knitman said…

    I really like those wrist warmers. Plus your animals, of course.


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