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Friday, May 30, 2008

Brief thoughts....

I need to stop planning on making things that all are due at or around the same time.... Socks that were due on the (Cdn) May long weekend are half done :( Blanket that needs to be crocheted by July 7th finally got started last night :( Lace shawl that needs to be completed before others cast on is not quite at the half-way mark...close but not there :(

You know you are getting old when...... You had bought a lottery ticket, and realized as you saw a car in a parking lot, that your "dream vehicle" if you should win said lottery is a brand new pick-up truck. Yet, the car you'd just seen was a Corvette Stingray in Silver (and I once drooled over the shiny black ones - silver is DEFINITELY more gorgeous...) In other words, I must be getting old if my "dream vehicle" is a practical truck rather than a sporty fast car.... :(

I learned some things about myself earlier this week. DH awoke "frisky" on Sunday morning... I excused myself for a fast trip to the bathroom.... (sorry, if that is "too much information", but it needs to be said for the set up...). So, I did my thing (tmi?) and moved to the sink to wash my hands, and felt a sudden sharp pain in my foot. Now, perhaps I should explain - I'm very light sensitive, and find that early mornings, I don't like electric lights... I know where all the important things are. Forgetting of course, that I do have two kitties who like to bat all manner of objects around the house. Forgetting that I have a dog, who sometimes leaves gnawed on bones in odd places. I did install some strategically located night-lights, though. Since I'd learned my lesson in a dark bathroom a couple years ago when wasps were getting into the bathroom through the vent. It turns out that I'm quite allergic to wasp stings.... Back to the other day - I felt a sharp pain in my foot. Swore. Turned on the light, momentarily blinding myself. Finally was able to see something on the floor. Called upstairs to DH, requesting he bring me my glasses please. Discovered that I'd stepped on a rather large (horking big were my exact words, really) bumble bee. First stop - the fridge for antihistamines. Second stop - first aid kit for Ibuprofin. (hey, it hurt, alright?) Third stop - asking dh if it killed the mood or not... (sorry, tmi again, right?) Later on, I looked up information on bee stings. I'd already learned a couple years ago, that just because you are allergic to one type of insect sting, doesn't necessarily mean you are allergic to another. But I still wasn't in a hurry to find out if I might be allergic to bees. Anyway - While I will admit that taking antihistimines for a few days had some little bit of an influence, I will say that I was pleasantly surprised. Other than soreness walking for a day and a bit (wanna see the big hole that was left in my foot???? -ok, so you can't really, since it is mostly healed, and I didn't take a picture) and a minor amount of swelling, and about day three some annoying itchiness, I really hardly had any reaction at all. So. Despite the fact that being stung in the hand by a wasp resulting in three weeks of swollen hand (yes, I took antihistimines then, too - I'd hate to think about what it would have been like without them) and arm, as well as prolonged pain and discomfort, it would seem that bee stings don't bother me much more than mosquito bites. Remember, this was no ordinary bee - it was a "horking big" one!!

Ok. So, that is some random thoughts, just so you all know I'm still hanging around.... though trying to get some stuff typed up for the KAL, rather than rambling here. And working.... Getting in quite a few days lately :) Which is a good thing, too. :)

No pics to share today - need to take some more. Need to update the project photos. Probably my Picassa site needs an update, too.... Need to list the projects that I really need to concentrate on as soon as the obligation projects are done. Gave up on the pattern diet.... too many good books to pass up!!! (And amazing how many kitties there are in some of them ;} ) I've added a couple Louisa Harding pattern books to the collection, as well as one called "Weekend Knits" - but it doesn't count, 'cause of the kitty. A Rowan book. I've also picked up a couple magazines... then there are the leaflets. The box of pattern books I salvaged that were on the way to the dump.... I really need to get busy and make some of this stuff!!! I've been buying the yarn, too, after all.... Oh, and I decided on making another one or two of the sweaters from the Debbie Bliss Coastlines book, too - bringing that total up to six sweaters. Four I already bought the yarn for. The fifth and sixth will have to wait for a payday or two to come along... So will the LH books. And the Rowan book.... I will buy the "proper" yarn for those ones. Am substituting the DB yarns, though.

Well, that's about it for now.


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