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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What I've been up to....

Pictures. Of what I've accomplished of late....

Ok, I know - I started a new mystery lace project (Ok, I've started a few) even though I haven't finished the others...

Mystic Light. Doing it in amber Somoko by Fleece Artist, also carrying along a rainbow glitter yarn, called "Star" from Tahki. Using 5.5 mm needles...

I think it is turning out pretty.

Also working my way through the Kitty Knits book. Did this tote bag:
And am now working on this lace scarf:
Pattern diet, you ask? Well, it is going downhill fast, thank you very much. LOL. I have reached a stage at work, where I am pretty comfortable with knowing where things are, what things are, etc. So, I've been focussing my "learning" on the pattern books and leaflets and such that we carry. So that when a customer comes in and asks if we have patterns for "such-and-such", I can point them in the right direction myself, instead of having to pass them on to one of my co-workers. Of course, this means flipping through various books and leaflets. Discovering little gems here and there. Since cat patterns were not on my list of patterns to avoid.... I have a sock booklet, a sweater booklet, a couple magazines....

I did, though, discover that my tastes run to enjoying several patterns put out by Nashua. So, I've been making a "wish list" of books from them...

Also, I did another sample knit for the store. The pattern book it came out of was called, "Decade", by Mission Falls. I flipped through that one, and found two kitty patterns... Besides, I like the way the patterns are written, and I am discovering that I like the way the yarn works up. It holds up very well to multiple frogging (don't ask) as well as having a nice hand. Soft - superwash wool. Mission Falls also makes a cotton yarn - which I'm finding nice to crochet with... More details in the future on that one....

In the meantime - here's the first of the kitty sweaters from Mission Falls Decade: (in progress, of course)

The back is done, but on a stitch holder for later shoulder joining and neck band knitting. The front left and right sides are being worked together.
And yes - that *is* a Denise needle set I'm using for my knitting. I am still fond of my Boye needles, but have been giving the Denise set a fair trial. I now own two of them, which probably means that I've got too many projects started, or that I really like them despite myself... Yes, they are plastic. Yes, the cable is a bit "sticky" - some of the stitches don't slide very well along the cable. Yes, that can be a good thing with some projects. Yes, the points are rather nice. They still don't come in the smallest sizes, which I am dissappointed about. Yes, in general, I like the Denise set. You can use the needle without the cables attached for i-cord making - I did that with the tote bag handles... I'm guessing that in a pinch, you could use a single needle as a cable needle, too...
I do also still like bamboo needles, though. They are quickly replacing Boyes as my faves for sock knitting, I must confess. I have one lace shawl on a bamboo circ - couldn't quite get it out for picture taking today - that is long overdue. I started out with Dem-Fischer-Sin-Frau (hope I spelled that right) and was keeping on track to get clue one done on time - then something came up, it went on the back burner, and is in danger of UFO status... dang.
Speaking of past Shawl KAL's - I have decided to frog SOTS. AKA, Guinevere or Secret of the Stole (i). I was doing fine with it, but slowed in my progress, and when the rest of the group got up to the crossed swords part - well, I started to lose interest. I was going to finish it anyway - with my own variation of no sword, and repeat the beginning instead. But, truth is, I just don't really like it that much. So, I'm going to rip it all out, and re-use the yarn for SOTS(ii). Now finished, and called Savannah. I like that one much better :)
Well, guess that's all I have to say for now. I did update my photo album, and I'll be heading over to Ravelry shortly to update my progress pictures there. Then I have a lot to do today, so I best get busy!!!


  • At 9:38 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    WOW!! You're an excellent knitter. Any books with elephant patterns in them? Please say no, I don't need any more, but I sure would like to look at them!! Ha!

  • At 8:48 p.m., Blogger Nautical Knitter said…

    I am looking forward to seeing your progress on Savannah! Happy Knitting!


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