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Friday, February 22, 2008

Where things stand

In a lot of areas of my life :)

I'm settling into a routine, of work vs. home. Strangely, I'm finding that I'm accomplishing more around the house now that I'm working.... Before, I tended to procrastinate a lot. You know, I don't have to do such-and-such today, because I have all day tomorrow... Well, since I've been working, I find it hard to just sit around... I always have to be doing something. So, even though a lot of it seems like "puttering", I am getting a lot done. The house is getting tidier. Slowly - I'm still not home as often as I used to be, but I'm doing more when I'm here.

I finished knitting the sweater. A while ago, now... but with other things on my mind, I didn't get around to posting a picture.

I'm working now on a vest for me... sometimes, my back gets a bit chilled at work - and I'm not too fond of sweaters as such. So, I found a vest pattern on Knitty, that uses up scrap yarn. Great idea - and instead of scrap yarn, I picked up one ball each of a few yarns I have been wanting to try... Of course, what did I forget? Well, if you make something with lots of different colours and stripes, you have lots of ends to weave in. :( I *will* finish this thing - I've knit all but the arm bands and neck band, which get picked up, once all the ends are woven in! So, it is not too far from being finished. Really....

I'm also trying to get busy on the KAL's I've joined.

Pattern diet? Well.... Ok, so the plan was, that I would try not to get all excited about a new pattern, run out and buy yarn, and end up with a ton of UFO's because I would put aside what I was doing to start something new. So, what have I done so far? Well, I'm still saving some of the daily free patterns. Not all of them, only some. I'm looking at them really hard, though, first - they must be unique, or really intriguing. I'm also going through the patterns I've saved in the past, and deleting any that I'm realistically not going to make. At least, that way, I'm working toward a balance of saved patterns - that is, I might have a few new ones, but I've dumped some old ones, so the collection hasn't really grown by much.

Library books - well, some of them were placed on hold before '08, just had to wait forever to get them. But they, too, are being held up to critical standards before I do anything with them.

Patterns seen at work - the hardest one. Especially as part of my job is to become familiar with the books and leaflets, so I can help customers. I picked up the four Barbara Walker Treasuries. These are not technically patterns - that is, there isn't a specific project to do in them. Well, mostly - there is one that has some suggestions of finished items in it - fourth, I believe it is. But mostly, the books are reference. So, they sort of don't count. I've also now got the Donna Druchunas Kitty Knits book. I want to make pretty much every pattern in that book. Fantastic book. Great book. I'm very impressed. But, I must stop myself, slow down, and get busy on finishing the KAL's and socks I"m working on. Not to mention all those nasty ends.... Oh, and I bought a book of sweater patterns, but it gets to be exempt. There is a kitty pattern in it. Same with the sock pattern booklet. Kitty patterns again...

Adjustments to the family - we're adjusting. We all miss Spud. Bear has made some interesting changes - he's a bit more assertive about some things. After all, he's now "alpha pet". I am still amazed that of all the cats I've ever known or heard of, that these two girls haven't ever made an attempt to put the dogs in their place... Most cats rise above dogs in the home very quickly - but these two - they always seemed to be content to be in their place according to age... As in, Spud used to be alpha pet, then Bear, then Mica, then Ashleigh. Now, Bear is at the top, and the girls are together below him. Mica is still above Ash, but not by much - they are more or less equal - and get along wonderfully. Odd time, the play might get a bit rough, but never more than a hiss or hit, then they are snuggled up washing each other. Anyway - I thought, since Mica was always like Spud's "puppy", that she would miss Spud the most. Yes, she does seem to have grieved in her own way, but the one who still is looking for Spud is Ashleigh. The youngest...

Two weeks later, and Ash is still running to the door or window, looking and meowing for Spud - she is still chirping in hope when Bear's collar jingles a bit, or his nails scrape on the floor the way Spud used to.... She is also being very "needy" with cuddles from Mommy and Daddy.

Of course, we humans miss Spud, too...

Weather has been nasty - super cold. And this winter, for the first time since we've lived in the house we're in (12 years) we've had frozen problems. First, the "stack pipe". This is a vent system for the plumbing - if it isn't working properly, you can't get proper suction to flush the toilet. We thought the toilet was plugged, but it was frozen up on the roof. Thankfully, the plumber we called didn't try to rip us off in any way - just asked for ten bucks for his time to stop in. But, there isn't much we can do about it, unless we want to try to figure out a way to go on a slippery roof, and try things like pouring boiling water down the pipe.... We just try to double flush, or just keep the lid down, and when it warms up a little, (relatively speaking) it works proper again. Not really a big deal - it *does* flush, just very slowly, and sometimes all the paper doesn't go all the way on the first flush.... (sorry - probably too much information).

Besides that, our water pipe in the basement froze. The first time, we weren't sure what happened. A call to the water works people, and within half an hour, we had water back. Had to heat the pipe gently. Then, to prevent re-freezing, leave a tap on slow, or dripping, to keep the water flowing. We did that for a few days- the temps improved. Then, it froze again. Thawed it, kept the water dripping - then I forgot to leave it drip when I went to work one day last week. Thawed it again.... then, the other night, even though the tap was dripping - it froze AGAIN!! Thawed again....

I'm nervous that one of these times, the pipe will burst.... Not looking forward to that. Keeping fingers crossed that it doesn't happen.

Oh, well - the weather seems to have broken - we've had two to three weeks of nearly forty below weather, high winds/windchills. Even when the temps got up some, the wind was very bitter.... A few years ago, we had about three days of minus fifty - only minus forty for a high temp, never mind the wind!!! But at least, it only lasted a few days. This year, it has been going on for a few weeks. Really. Yes, ok, we had a day in those weeks that wasn't bad - thawed the stack pipe - but mostly it has been super cold. Yuck. But, we're supposed to get warm (relatively speaking) weather for the next several days....

Keeping fingers crossed....

All in all - this has been a bad winter. Yes, I got a great job. Yes, I have a new dryer and a new fridge, and a new living room floor. But, we lost a dog, had a ton of expense on our truck, had to do some maintenance on the house, had difficulty with delivery of one of the appliances, and - hey, those appliances weren't exactly free either, lol.

Summer has to be better, right? And spring should be here soon, shouldn't it? :)


  • At 6:33 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    There's always that to look forward to, yes (:

  • At 10:44 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm surprised at you!! You're not usually a pessimist! It seems to me, you're not looking at the bright side of things. You have your health, your family has it's health. You have new appliances, you have a fantastic job (I would kill for). Your hubby loves you, and you love him. You have good friends, you have adorable pets that love you to pieces, and that you adore. You have knitting stash, patterns, accessories to last you well into the old folks home years. You have all the material things you could ask for, and all the love that you need. I know that loosing Spud was heartbreaking, but she went peacefully, at home, and didn't suffer. She knew you loved her. Seems to me you've had a pretty damned good year.


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