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Friday, November 30, 2007


That I am going on a pattern diet on January 1, 2008.

Not a pattern fast... a pattern diet.

What does that mean? Well... It means, that I am going to try to reduce the number of new (to me) patterns that I buy or download. I'm going to try to stay away from all the usual free pattern sites....

I have so many projects on my list of things that I want to make. And I know that I've managed to save/print/etc. multiples of the same pattern, because I browse, and save or print so many, that I forget which I already have sometimes... or I recognize them, but can't recall if I printed or where I saved them, so I do it again....

And worse yet, being a multicrafter, I have done that with lots and lots and lots of patterns....

So. I'm not going to stop entirely getting new patterns - I mean, if I come across a new cat pattern - of *COURSE* I'm going to be saving it... But, since I have so many patterns that I've already started and allowed to become UFO's, so many in the to do soon pile that I've bought the yarns or fabrics or whatever for, and a stack of to do that I still need to assign yarn stash or new yarn for.... That I really don't need any more for a while.

Also, I'm not counting in any KAL's that are starting in January. Such as, the six sox knitalong group - there will be six new patterns from that group next year. And I ended up in a couple Ravelry sock knitalongs... and I've got the shawl and stole mystery knitalongs coming....

I am going to start shopping my stash, shopping my personal library of books and pattern leaflets... (I mean, really, do I need to keep searching the net for free sock patterns, when I bought a vintage sock book - about 40 or 50 pages - from a thrift store this past spring?) instead of browsing the net or the thrift stores or other places I can find patterns at.... Which, of course, is going to be quite the challenge, working in a yarn shop....

But, like I said, it will be a diet, not a fast. I don't think I could go "cold turkey" after all.... :)

Especially knowing there is a book being published/becoming available in early 2008 that I *must* buy....
Kitty Knits: Projects For Cats And Their People
Donna Druchunas

So. Now that I've made public the fact that I'm going to try not to get new patterns, and that I'm going to make every effort to a) use the patterns I already have b) finish the current WIP's and UFO's c) shop the stash for patterns, ideas, materials and d) try to get the patterns that are in my head or on scrap paper into a shareable condition, maybe I'll be able to keep those resolutions for the new year.

You guys can all help me.... :) I've said it publicly, so I gotta do it.

Maybe I'll even throw in some housework and decluttering/dejunking resolutions, too.... Hmmm.....


  • At 9:22 a.m., Anonymous WPGGAL said…

    I'm not really too sure who you think you're talking to here??? People that don't know you?? You work at RAMS....comeon' you're not superwoman, or are you?? You have to remember, thats 365 whole days that you have to try to be'll never happen. I'll bet ya' a ball of sock yarn!
    P.S. Let me know when that Kitty Knits book comes in, will ya'?


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