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Friday, November 02, 2007

Hallowe'en post

Ok, first I know it is not Hallowe'en anymore...And I know I should have posted this yesterday, or at least this morning... And I know that I shouldn't be on the 'puter like this right now, I have a million and one things that I *should* be doing....(Ravelry is cool, but sure takes up a ton of time!!!)

But - I didn't want to put this off till next week. So - first of all, there was this newsblurp on our local news program at 6 pm on Hallowe'en - they showed a "doggy day care" place that had a party for the dogs - they did things like "bobbing for weenies" (instead of apples) and they had 19 of 20 dogs that came dressed up - which is why I'm writing this: One of the smaller dogs was actually wearing a cat costume!!! It was hilarious! had the back covered, (like a standard doggy sweater, I would think is the best description) with a tail and everything - all black.... and it had a head cover, complete with little pointy kitty ears!!!! Of course, it would never fit on my doggies, but it sure looked cute!!

Speaking of cute...

Ok, so you guys know that in the two year history of my blog, I've avoided any pictures of myself, except for two was our Mexico trip, and one was when my dear friend Laney passed.... Well, you're going to get to see one today. Last Saturday, we got invited to a costume party. I kind of like how one of the pictures of me turned out - the other one isn't that great, DH is not the best picture taker. Even though I like the pic of me sitting, where I had my hand on Mica, she decided to pounce on my broom just when DH snapped the picture... Which is why my hand is kind of hanging there....

How did DH turn out? Well, see for yourself...

Hallowe'en night, the grandkids and their cousin stopped by on their way out trick-or-treating. In the first picture, you'll notice the oldest one wearing a pair of green mittens. I knitted those - I made them from a chunky acrylic yarn, especially to wear when I shovel snow. See, I've found that most of the time, hand knit mittens, done in stocking stitch (or stockinette, if you prefer) are often too slippery to get a good grip on a shovel. So, I knitted these with a garter stitch "patch" on the palms. Worked great. The other day, while sorting and getting ready for the winter clothing season (and looking for a black touque {hat} for DH to wear with his costume) I had made a mental note to look for the green mitts that weren't with the rest of the stuff - guess it is a moot point, now.... I have no idea how they ended up with the grandkid... Guess I know what my next project will be, don't I?
Next oldest grand kid:

Coming next - The grandson.

Going in age order, the next one is my kinda/sorta/inaway grandkid. Ok, aside here: when my son got married, DIL's sister said to me, "you know, this means that now we're kinda sorta in a way related now". DIL and her siblings are quite close. So, ever since, it has been a "thing" between K. and I - We do get along great anyway, and she has a kitty collection, too :) Anyway - here's the pic -
She is a couple months younger than Nikolis - He was born December, she was born the following March.

And, (saving the best for last) the youngest. Now, I've said it before, and I'll say it again - truth is, that I'm not fond of little kids. I like them when they get to be about 10ish. Anything younger, and well... I am not fond of them. But, I've also mentioned in my blog before about Nikoal. She's a real little sweetheart. Something about her.... She's my favourite. OK, I don't "play favourites" - everyone got the same thing, the same amount, they all get treated equal. But there is definitely a special place in my heart for this one. And besides, who could resist this great little smile?


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