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Monday, September 17, 2007

Back to what passes for normal

Ok...on the craft front - I didn't do much while I was on holiday. I decided to frog entirely the Sheharezade stole. I like the stole, just wasn't enjoying the knit. So, it is frogged until it wants to be made.

I did do a bunch of rounds on several socks - but I think I'm socked out for a bit. I mean, I love the socks that I have in progress, but I am not feeling much like knitting on them for now. I will likely keep plugging away on them, as they are still good portable projects. And besides, I can hardly wait to be able to wear the Potter inspired ones. Oh, and I`m still hoping to get away with making a couple pairs as Christmas presents....

I did, though, finish the basket weave socks for DH. Now to finish typing out the pattern....

Ok, I thought I had a picture.... I know I do, guess I didn`t resize it yet....

In that case, I`ll do these pictures:

By request - the slipper collection!!

First up - my oldest slippers. The pink `mules`, I think they are called. And a short story to go with them. I got these slippers for Christmas one year, by request. I also got a housecoat. In burgandy. The house we live in - the bedroom is painted a `mystery colour`. It isn`t white - the door is white, and the walls definitely aren`t white. I am not sure what colour the walls are, though - maybe a grey, maybe an offwhite - but whatever colour they are, they take on a different tone at different times of the day - and different weather or lighting conditions.
Anyway - I didn`t give a lot of thought to decorating the bedroom when we moved in. Other rooms were of more importance. I did do things, though, like toss some afghans on the bed. DH`s favourites - the Confederate Flag afghan I designed (yes, there *is* a link to that pattern - supposed to be on the side, but you probably have to scroll way down to the bottom of the page), the not yet photographed double knit Christmas afghan - both made with lots of burgandy yarn. A knitted afghan in pink.... a blanket that we inherited from my MIL, heavy wool - in burgandy and cream. I got a night table, and wanted to cover it - found a small table cloth, red and white checked.... One day, standing in the bedroom door, I realized, the room had decorated itself!!! I found a pair of boudoir lamps in burgandy at a garage sale, and found some burgandy bedsheets and pillow cases at Walmart.... and the walls seem to have taken on a rosy glow.....

Next - pictures of the doggy slippers, that I found at a yard sale:
Of course, I couldn`t resist them. They were just way too cute. I was rather disappointed, though, that the live dogs weren`t affected by them.... these stuffed furry things attached to Mommy`s feet.... The cats didn`t care, either....

So, here are the yellow slippers I mentioned that sort of match my totebagpurse, as well as another pair that match a pair of jammies (and that I somehow managed to forget to mention before!!)

And the kitty slippers - got these for Christmas a couple years ago:

Again, no strange effect on any of the animals.... not even Bear, who knows there are two types of stuffed animals. Ones that (usually) have squeekers in them, and are for him to play with, and ones that are called `Mommy`s Kitty` - stuffed cats that are part of the kitty collection (yes, one day, I`ll take pictures of all the stuffed kitties, but not yet....I have some of them in boxes in the living room until we re-do the floor - I will take pics after they`ve been restored to display status). Anyway - he just looked at these two stuffed kitties at the end of Mommy`s legs, and rolled over and went back to sleep.

Finally (since I didn`t take a picture while at the cabin of the knitted gifty slippers - just a basic knit `booty` style slippersock) pictures of the white kitty slippers that Lady Ashleigh is determined are made of catfood. (I think I`ve mentioned before that Ashleigh will eat anything that cannot run fast enough to escape her, whether it is normally edible or not, and that she is OC - obsessive compulsive. If she decides on doing something, there is nothing that will stop her until it is accomplished. ) These slippers, despite being high on the cute scale, must live in the closet....

Ashleigh's favourite part is the tail:
The one on the left doesn't sparkle so much anymore, what with it being coated in cat slobber and all.....
Next post will be along the lines of 'what I did on my summer vacation'.... :)


  • At 11:05 p.m., Blogger Kat said…

    That is SO funny!! I have one pair of slippers, two pairs of dress shoes, one pair of sandals, and one pair of athletic shoes. That's IT!

    I love seeing all your slippers. :-)


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