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Friday, July 27, 2007

Finished Reading....

The final Harry Potter Book....

I can't believe it is over.... no more looking forward to the next installment....

Wait - I can look forward to this book coming out in paperback, so I can buy it!!!

Ok, I am on a serious budget, so I can't really afford to be buying hardcover books. Also, in most cases, paperbacks take up less room. We have a grocery store chain here, that sells books and magazines, at a percent off the cover price. I was pleasantly surprised at the low cost of the first few Harry Potter books. I started buying them.....

For whatever reason, the price of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in hardcover was reasonable... BUT - I wouldn't want to "spoil" my set... I mean, I can wait (yes, really I can...I know I can...I keep telling myself I can....) to own the book. I know that I want to re-read it...but I will be nice. I will return this book to the library today. There are loads of people on the waiting list, anxious to get their hands on the book to read it firsthand before someone says something to them to reveal the plot....

So. Now all I have to do, is get back to knitting and crocheting and all those other crafts, and get some UFO's tackled. But first, I want to finish the three main projects that I am working on right now - DH's Basketweave socks, my Nagini socks, and catch-up to where I should be on Mystery Stole 3. Next up: Bellatrix socks, and August Six Sox socks. Those are the new projects - I'll have to get my butt moving on some of the UFO's collecting around here - I think I need to get busy with finding where I stuck my "Kittens in a Row" afghan, and get it finished. So, I think that will be my next UFO to tackle.
Finally - I promised a few posts back to do a picture of Mica. I don't think I've posted this picture before:

I know it is an older picture - for one thing, I found it in a folder marked "January 07", and for another, she is still wearing her old collar.... I bought her a pink one when she "lost" the turquoise one. I found it, of course, soon after replacing it. It is now sitting on my desk, right beside the keyboard. I'm a packrat, I'm a procrastinator, and I'm sentimental.

I also have a sense of humour - want to see some pictures of a "Pole Dancer"? I took these around Christmas....


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