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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


It is here... it is in my hot little hands....
Ok, so I really meant to post this yesterday, but I was kind of busy.... :D

I got the Harry Potter book from the library. I was number 20 on the list - I have no idea how many are on the list right now - but the library got in 140 copies.... I figured that I would have it in my hot little hands by yesterday, which worked out just fine, since we were at the cabin until late on Monday. So, the soonest I could have got it no matter what was yesterday. I've actually managed to avoid any spoilers!!! And I've now read the first 150 pages....

Oh, and I also picked up an EZ book.... Knitting without tears, I think....

Which of course, brings me to the title, "priorities" - - - - for the next few days, I won't be doing much besides reading!! I am capable of reading quickly, but I'd rather savour the read. But since this *is* a library book, I do need to get it read and returned.... So, I'm reading at about medium speed, and at every available moment. :)

In the meantime, though -the mystery stole is knitted to halfway up clue three. I'm a little behind, but since there are two weeks for clue four (Melanie has her priorities right, too, lol - giving us time to read Harry as well as knit) I dont' see a problem catching up. So, no pictures of it. I finished sock one (FINALLY) of the pair that I'm doing for DH, the basket weave socks. Now, on to sock two and writing up the pattern... I know, I have a few patterns in note stage, but like I keep saying, I'm not much of a typist, so it is taking forever to type them up to share....

And I got quite far, once I got over the cast on, for the Nagini sock. It took me several tries to get the figure 8 cast on done - in fact, I finally gave up, and did a slightly different cast on. I was finding the figure 8 was too loose and open for my liking - so I changed it. That killed a good couple hours of knitting time - but the pattern works up quickly. This is how far I got, knitting by the pool for part of it, even.....
We've been experiencing a bit of a heat wave - heat I love.... but the humidity is high, too, and that gets to me, I must admit.... So, this weekend, I actually ended up spending quite a bit of time in the pool.... and it is hard to knit while in the pool. But for one session, instead of swimming, I sat on the side and knitted. I was more tired than hot at that time.... Swimming is hard work for someone who is not used to much exercise.
Anyway - gotta go get my emails checked out, so I can get off here and get back to reading. DH knows that between the heat and the book, that not much else will be happening around here for a few days, lol....


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