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Monday, June 25, 2007

No pictures. Just words.

I didn't do too much this weekend. Just worked on making the afghan. The granny square one.

I joined all the squares - well, sort of. :) They are all used and accounted for....

To recap: I made all the squares first, before joining anything. Didn't know for sure how big the squares would be - I bought the yarn for cheap, and guessed how much I'd need - bought two balls of pink, four balls of red, and six balls of white. Made thirty (thinking five by six) centers using the pink. Then, worked some red rounds around the pink centers. Then, added the white. So, I had thirty squares all made, before being sure what size they would end up. No, I actually haven't even measured them still!!

So - I started joining, and thought that four wide seemed enough - then I worked on the rows. I'm a short runty little person, and while I'm not as thin as I once was, I'm not that big around yet, four by six was more than enough, especially as I plan to do some sort of border/edging. Leaving me with six extra squares.

I decided to, of course, make a four by four square afghan for Ashleigh, since she seems to have claimed these squares.... even when I had a pile of them waiting for additions or ends woven, she would curl up on the pile.... I haven't done a picture of it, because I haven't done the edging yet.

As for the last two squares - I made a "foot pocket". Which also made a cool "pillowghan" out of the whole thing.... by making a pocket on the back, you can fold up the afghan, turn the pocket inside out, so that the afghan becomes the cushion stuffing....

I still need to add the border/edging - so again, no picture has been taken.

Next weekend, I'll be taking lots and lots and lots of pictures!! We're doing a pig roast, and have invited all kinds of friends and family out to our cabin to enjoy the day with us. We're celebrating (late) our 30th anniversary. :) Just hoping it stops raining long enough to truly enjoy ourselves!!


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