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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Didnt' think it was that long....

Since I posted last.... Oh, well....

So. Been crazy weather - was nice, then went rainy, then nice again. Saw a cool sort of thing yesterday -

We have these huge trees in our yard. Heard some crows fly by, land in one of the trees. Now, crows (aka buzzards in these parts - they are scavengers, not to mention, noisy) are not something that I normally would take the trouble to look at. I don't like them much. But, for some reason, I looked....

They were chasing an owl. A beautiful owl - not sure of the type, but it might be a great grey. Maybe.... don't quote me on that! Will need to look it up sometime... I looked it up - It was an Eastern Screech Owl. Beautiful critter.... one of the predators of it is crows.... and this is nesting/baby time.... sad....:( I found info about it at:

Anyway, don't know what started it, but about half a dozen crows were flying after this poor owl, who had stopped to rest at the top of the tree. The crows landed near it, swearing at it all the time. Flapping their big black wings, hopping around. After a few minutes (not enough time to grab a camera, but enough to call the husband to come look) the owl took flight again, with the nasty crows after it. I didn't see from where, but I did see a second owl flying with the first....

Also, before the rains came, I finished knitting a pair of socks. Called Lilac socks. I wanted to take a picture of them outside, so I had to wait for the rains to stop, and the sun to shine again.

Oh, did I mention, that my lilac bush is in bud? :)
Besides the socks, I was also playing with more Easter egg dye:
I took lots of pictures of this skein, but am only going to post a few here - need to resize the others.... I wound it into a ball, and took a picture of the two balls side by side.

The picture of the two together is a little fuzzy.... not as bright as I thought it would turn out, either... might try a retake. I mean, I haven't knitted these into anything yet.... they are too pretty as is, lol....

I still have two more plans to egg dye.... first, though, I need a piece of pegboard. Then, when that is done, I can do the second....

And, I figured, that since I've been making so many socks for me lately (lace type patterns) that I would take a bit of a break, and make some for DH. So, even though I had other projects planned to do after the Horcrux and the Lilac socks, I started socks for him on Sunday. Am turning the heels later today/tonight. I think.... half done the heel flap....doing two at once on two circs....


  • At 5:17 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You'll probably laugh at this. My husband and I just spent 20 minutes looking for the bird that we thought had gotten caught in our chimney. Turns out, I had just logged onto your blog. LOL. At least it was a cheap fix!!

    Mary Ellen


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