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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hi...popping in to say hello....

I had a couple great things I was going to post about this week, then it became the week from Heck, and I forgot everything!!!


Today, I'm taking part in a virtual fibre fest. This weekend would normally be the weekend that several of us would get together for a fibre fest, but this year it was cancelled. SO - we are trying to do it via a chatroom, and doing fibery stuff on our own at home....

So, lately, I've been working on some latch hook projects. I've completed all my committments for exchanges and baby gifts and such. I want to get on with other stuff, but figured if I get a few different things done, then I can get back to knitting and crocheting what I want to do, instead of just the "have to do" things. Not that I don't want to do exchanges, or gifts, but those tend to be scheduled, and almost take the fun out of making them. So, I'm taking a bit of a break, to work on some UFO's, and some of the want to make things. Like, I planned on making a quilt - I haven't had chance to even LOOK at fabric lately.... never mind find my sewing tools, my template stuff, etc. And I've been meaning to pick up my tatting shuttles least I did that. Didn't get very far, but at least I tatted some... Wednesday night, I got together with some knitting friends, and I did try to knit, but it was one of those, you'd think I'd never knitted before in my life times - After the fourth frogging, nineteen stitches, four rows at the most... I switched to tatting.... Thursday I did the knitting, and everything worked perfect.... :) It was a Gansey Workshop project, a pin cushion... small, simple, right? Not Wednesday, it wasn't, lol.

Today - I want to get in some wheel time, in between popping into the chat room for the cyber fibre fest.... but thought I'd better come here.... I have any pictures? Let me see.... I know I have pictures, but they need to be resized to load here :) Some I've done, some I haven't yet.... Well, let's see if I need to drop down in size a picture of a curtain I crocheted a few years ago -

I used a pattern for a pineapple placemat - just made it long enough to cover the window, and had to add some to the ends - I have eight panels, the original was six... but it looks nice over the door window. Just enough cover for privacy, but see through enough if someone is out there :)

I don't think I shared this picture yet - a dishcloth I am making. I wanted to use the pattern to make a comfort ghan square - I think I can post that here, too... I dont' see why not. Anyway - I started the cloth, to see if I could do "entralac" - way easier than it looked - and to get a size. I needed to make the comfort square bigger than the dishcloth pattern.... here they both are:

I've lost the picture of the comfort ghan square.... dang.... can't find it anywhere....

Ok, so I resized the original again. I know I did it once before, 'cause I had to post it somewhere else....

Anyway, guess I better hurry up and finish the cloth - get one more UFO off the list....

So...that's where I'm at. Time to pull the wheel over, and see if I can remember how to use it :)


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