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Friday, February 16, 2007


A few people have commented about those snowflakes that I did... :) I appreciate all the compliments.... Also, people are asking where I got the patterns - so.... here is how I got them:

This year, the list mom decided to post 8 patterns a month, for 11 months.... then, if we all keep up, we will have 88 snowflakes by the end of November. I thought that was a cool idea - it is a crochet along, so I know I have encouragement if I need it; 8 snowflakes is easy enough to do at a time - there are usually four weeks to a month, so 2 a week, they are small, fairly easy, quick, portable - very doable; and 88 is a LOT of snowflakes, so, if for some reason I choose to opt out for a month or so, I'll still have a lot of flakes for my tree :)

I have a question for some of you reading this, who are more experienced bloggers... When one of you posts a comment, and asks a question, if I answer it in the comments section, do you get notified? Or should I keep answering in totally new posts like this?

Well, DH is home today and Monday, since it is his BD tomorrow (and he has six weeks of holiday time a year, plus two weeks of holiday time leftover from last year!) so I'm going to be limited on my 'puter time.... So, I'll leave you all with the picture that I couldn't load the other day - - - -


  • At 12:53 p.m., Blogger Kat said…

    You are a bad influence on me! I really didn't need to join another group, really. Somehow I clicked on that link and just signed myself right up.

    Thanks for sharing where you got those gorgeous snowflakes, and I'm sure you'll see me on that list.


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