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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Pics, Projects, and Piss-offs....

In reverse order: I'm pissed off. At Yahoo. Photos.

I have an album site. I like the way they've set it up now. The new version. Much nicer looking. Easier to navigate. Easier to arrange photos. I like drag-and-drop stuff.

What I didn't like, was uploading a bunch of pictures, telling people I uploaded a bunch of pictures, then finding out accidently that no one could see any of the pictures I uploaded recently, or that any of the albums I made for better organization of my pictures could be seen. So, even the "older" pictures, that *used to be* public, became invisible as soon as I put them in nice neat organized new albums....


I found it out by accident, because normally, I am either already signed in with Yahoo for group maintenance, or I sign in right away to upload pictures.... Somehow, though, I noticed something didn't seem right before I signed in..... Took me two days to figure out how to make everything public.... So... If you've been looking at my Yahoo album, 'cause I've said I updated it, and you didn't see anything good - well, try again.... It should all be fixed now. You'll find the link over on the side ----- >>>

Projects: I'm almost finished a square for a comfort ghan. I just have a few more rows to do.... I am finished coasters for an exchange - except for weaving in ends. But that will be done today, no problem. I am over the half-way mark for the baby afghan. And I completed a tote bag....

This is my first ever crocheted aran pattern. I've seen a lot of them out there, but I like knit aran patterns. I was shying away from the crochet variety.... Now that I've made one, I like it :) I might even make more!!

So - I know it is old news... but want to see pictures of the poor ol' truck? Back when it was injured? And how it looked after it came home from the "doctor"?

So, you can see - that really, it wasn't a "big" accident - and no one obviously would be injured - but it *did* push that fender back so that the passenger door couldn't be opened - too much pressure at the hinge. Not to mention, the headlight pointing in the air....

Now, the poor truck - been working "overtime" this winter - having its share of troubles.... mostly cold related.... ended up with a flat tire while sitting in the yard.... then one morning, the clutch pedal froze up - stuck in..... probably all the hydraulic fluid was near frozen....

Both of those problems have been settled... new tire.... topped up fresh fluid.... plus the fact that even though the miserable cold weather is still with us, it isn't as bad as that one morning..... has been a while since I did kitty pictures - you've seen recent pics of the puppies.... I bought this thing, some years ago, a "kitty hammock".... I was hoping that Roxy would use it, instead of stealing my chair. I do have a photograph of her using it once (though she did use it more than once) but sadly, once the novelty wore off, she went back to sleeping in whatever chair I wanted to sit in.... Well, after a while, it was just "in the way", so I had dismantled it for a while. I recently brought it out again, and the girls use it a lot.... There seems to be some competition between them for the "best" sleeping spots.... Where ever one is, the other one needs to be..... Usually, it is Ashleigh who ends up turfing Mica out of a sound, comfortable, sleep..... But, sometimes.....

They actually get along......

And they will share. :)

Ahh, shoot..... I hate it when I am tooting right along, uploading photos, then suddenly ..... NOTHING!!!!

So, to pass the time.... Ashleigh lost her collar. Haven't found it in any of the usual places - so it either got lost in the basement while on a bug hunt (or mouse hunt), or it fell off in the craft room. Either way - it was far easier to buy a new one for her. So, she has a new blue collar - same colour as her old one. I figured, since I was getting a collar for Ash, that I might as well replace Mica's collar, too... Her old one is two years old, and is somewhat stretched out.... So.... Mica now has one in a much nicer colour than her old one. When I bought her first collar, The stock on the shelves was low, and I could either get really dumb looking decorated ones, or the greenish turquoise one that she had.... you can kind of see it up there - right hand side.... Anyway, her new one is pink - the colour I would have got in the first place for her if I could have :)

I'm going to give one more shot at trying to load the last picture I wanted to share... of both girls together..... Guess you have to wait until next time.....Sorry..... I think there must be some sort of limit on how many bits or bytes or whatever you can upload.....


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