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Friday, December 15, 2006

Why I am behind.....

Or, I'm a statistic....Or, This is going to be a miserable Christmas....Or, Talk about your plans getting messed up.....

So, I haven't been typing up the pattern just yet. My chicken scratch notes are ready for translation, and the second mitten is nearing the home stretch - couple more rounds, and I decrease for the top of the hand, then all I need to do is the thumb, which goes quickly enough. Then I need to weigh the leftover yarn, so I can tell how much I used..... Otherwise, I could have started everyone out on their way to a pair. But no point in buying more yarn than you need. Oh. You guys like any excuse to buy extra stash, too? Well, I started out with three fifty gram balls of Patons Classic Wool. I have no intention of felting these mittens, nor of worrying about needing to wash them regular, like with wool socks. DH will likely only be wearing them a couple times a year (are all men like that? won't wear gloves or mittens daily?) Anyway - Any worsted weight yarn will work. Wool, wool blend, acrylic. Handspun. Whatever.

I will be measuring a guage - I think I knit a bit on the tight side - but I can usually measure up to guage of other patterns.... Not sure how you will be able to make use of that bit of information at this stage....

Oh, right - what I've been typing instead.....

I'm not a typist, first of all. Way back when, a lifetime ago, more years than I care to admit to sometimes, other times feels like it has been even more than reality, I was in highschool. I took typing in grade 10. Or tenth grade, depending on how you phrase it.... lol. Anyway, I only took typing, because I more or less planned to further my education after high school, and either attend University, or maybe go into journalism. Or become a writer. Something like that. So, I took typing, so that I wouldn't have to pay someone else to type out my essays etc. I barely paid attention to the parts of the class that taught about secretarial stuff, like proper way to do business letters etc. Just paid enough attention to pass the course. Didn't care if my typing speed was "up there" etc. There was a minimum speed we had to reach to pass. I think I just made it.....

Years of playing around on computers and the internet and email have improved my typing skills in recent years. But, I'm still relatively slow. Especially compared to my big sister, who's been a secretary for many many years. So, I was planning on enlisting her assistance to type anyway.... But, I also thought that I *could* take some time and maybe start on the pattern...maybe work on typing out some of it.

Well, turns out, that any spare time I have to type, I gotta do a detailed report. On an accident.

See, the other day - Wednesday - I think I mentioned in my post that I had to do some errands, as well as it being laundry day. Or maybe I didn't - I haven't gone back to re-read what I wrote that day. Sometimes I re-read my blog, so I know what to update on, other times, I just come straight to the page to create a new post. Anyway, I was on my way to the chiropractor. I was approaching a controlled intersection - I had a green light - and just as I was almost there, a vehicle at the red light, decided to start moving (well, the driver decided, not the vehicle, but you know what I mean) and make a left turn - into me. I did try to stop, I mean, really,w hen I saw him start to move, I *did* hit the brakes, but since I was like feet from the intersection, the accident was inevitable. So, anyway, this guy gets out and starts yelling at me, and insisting he had a turning light, and that I was in the wrong, etc . etc. etc. Fortunately, another person who was also at the red light from the opposite direction, came over to me and gave me his business card and told the driver that hit me that I had the green and the right-of-way. Also, a police car pulled up from behind me somewhere (don't know how much or what he saw) and told the other driver to calm down. I think - I didn't hear everything he said, but he did talk to the guy. So.... The guy finally did calm down, and we exchanged information etc. Now, where I live, it's gov't owned vehicle insurance -no private stuff, and basically, you can't put a vehicle on the road without insurance. (OK, some people fail to renew, and try to get away with it, but that's a whole other issue) The guy kept insisting that I had to have gone through a red, that he had a turning light. Now, I've been going to the chiropractor for - oh, about 15 years now. Roughly. And he's been in the same location all that time. And, this intersection happens to be one that I have passed through countless times in my life, from all four directions. For various reasons. There is no turning light from any direction at that intersection. Never has been. Wish there was. So. This happened on Wednesday. Yesterday, while trying to get a bit more information from the adjuster (my appointment to take in the vehicle to be assessed was not until the 21st - then we'd need to make arrangements to get it fixed, etc.... talk about your bad timing......) I was informed that I need to bring with me a detailed account of what happened including diagrams because there was a dispute against my claim.

I had a green light, and I have a witness...... I'm not too worried. BUT I am terribly inconvenienced. Frustrated. Annoyed.

Mind you, I was able to get the adjuster to move the appointment up to Tuesday, the 19th.

Oh, right - no injuries, btw. I did feel a bit of stiffness later on Wednesday, but was thinking yesterday, that I wonder if the fact that immediately after the accident, I went into the chiropractor as planned, and since it happened pretty much right in front of his office (he didn't witness the accident, just the aftermath while we exchanged info and the cop talking to me and sitting there until we were done) I wonder if getting the treatment so quickly helped to prevent any problems? Hmmm..... interesting thought.........


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