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Monday, November 27, 2006

Just saying Hello :)

I haven't taken a picture - But I did finish the crocheting on the afghan. It is now in the ends weaving stage - I have 39 ends left on one side, and about four million on the I know, I shouldn't exaggerate, but sometimes, it feels like that many. I was working on one side yesterday, and after making rather nice noticable progress, I had to stop to do the dogs out thing, and when I picked it up, I was working away, but it seemed that I wasnt' getting very far anymore.... I looked at the section I was working on, and realized I'd turned it over and was doing the other side. So - I know, it all needs to be done - I would have had one side finished by bed time last night if I hadn't flipped it!!!

Anyway, I'm hoping to get it all finished off today/tonight, so that tomorrow I can do the finishing touch backstitches, and then I can take the picture Wednesday morning, post that, wash it, and wrap it up!!

Then I can get back to a more relaxed craft sessions....:)

Oh, and I'm thinking about making a second blog..... Well, two other ones, actually - one is an idea that I got from someone else, who made a blog for their cats. The girls were hanging around the computer that day, and have been bugging me ever since to get a blog of their own. I keep telling them that I write about them here all the time, and that they really don't have enough to say to warrent their own blog.... Anyway, the other one, I just thought of in the last week or so. I don't know much about how to set up my own website - something that I keep sort of looking into, since my ISP apparently includes some sort of personaly website space or something.... I know so little about it. I once tried to do the geocitities thing, but it wasn't very "user friendly" - I started the site up, but when I tried to add anything to it, couldn't figure out how to get into it to do so. Then the network people started offering free webspace - I used that one for a while, then they cancelled that offer. So my site was gone....

Anyway, I see so many other people seem to be able to get more than one blog. I think I'll look into that.

So, that's my tiny little post for today. Will post more later in the week.


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