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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

So, I did it again....

Despite all my desires to complete several projects before starting a new one, I went ahead and started two new ones..... Though, one of those projects *is* on my list.....I need to catch up some of my "___of the month" projects. I'm in a group, Doily of the Month, and haven't made a doily with them in ages...I like to make doilies. I just have been busy doing other things. So, I figured, I should get caught up. So, I am doing a pineapple doily (which I love) that was the group project for October. And, the other project I started - well, see, my sister gave me some yarn. As a sympathy gift. She gave me some sock weight yarn in colours that match Roxy's coat. And she also gave me some Koigu KPPM yarn in red and purple colourway. These were favourite colours of the Yarnfairy. I am not sure what I will make from the Roxy yarn yet. But while roaming the net one day, I found this sock pattern: It's called, "Best Friends Forever Socks". And it happens to call for Koigu KPPM yarn. Well - if that wasn't a SIGN..... So, I went ahead and started them. It just so happens that the size needle called for are some that I had empty.

So, while one of these projects *is* on my list, so it is OK that I started it, the other was a totally new project. *sigh*. It has been added to the list.

I'm also working on the nature sock, and the Iris Garden sock. I didn't pick up the basket weave sock since it's last picture. But - On the nature sock, I've turned the heel. On the Iris sock, I've got a visible start on the foot chart. I'm seriously thinking, now that I have two sets of dpns freed up, to move the Iris Garden sock off the circular and knit it with the dpns. I don't like knitting on circs for socks. I can do it, I just don't like to do it. I've done two socks on two circs, I've done (and am doing) one sock on one circ. I have done two on one.... I don't like it. I prefer dpns for socks. So, I might just switch this one over.

And, that which has taken most of my crafting time.... The Afghan!! I'm beginning to feel a bit of "crunch time". I'm just about halfway on the graph.... Which means, I still have a lot to do for the main picture, as well as weaving in the ends and adding a border, not to mention, giving it a bath so I can be sure there is no added fibre (aka dog or cat hair) and since DH is a smoker, I want to get that out, too....

So, I'll be working more intensely on the afghan for some time.....

Sorry it appears a little blurred.... I think it is the colours... That, and changing the battery immediately after I took some of these pictures....I didn't take them in the same order as I posted about them ;)

So.... That's were I'm at craft wise. The cats haven't done much exciting lately, though DH mentioned that Ashleigh the clutz fell into the toilet this morning while chasing Mica around the house. The dogs aren't doing much exciting either..... Spud is really showing her age - she's 12 and a half now.... and she injured her hind leg/hip when she was a pup, so it is really giving her trouble now that the colder weather is set in. She has difficulting getting up, and walking up stairs.

The house is slowly getting tidied up and decluttered. I've organized all the hidden places, lol....Ok, so it means basically that it doesn't look like I've been cleaning the house, because it isn't the most visible areas. Closets, cupboards, etc. But, if the "storage" areas are a mess, then the other parts of the house are harder to clean and declutter, because there isn't anywhere to put things away to. So..... By clearing up the hidden stuff, I can hide more. :) LOL....

Ok, so it isn't that I'm "HIDING" it, really - but there is a lot of stuff lying around that doesn't need to be, except that I have no where to put it. So, it gets left lying around. And then there is the reality situation - why I'm saving some of the things, that I know I'd never replace if something happened, that I've never used in all these years, that I'm never likely to use..... Ok, for example: Last week I was going through some books, to pass some on to a friend who would be able to make better use of them immediately. I made basically three piles: Those that I want to pass on to grandkids, those to pass on to the friend, and those that I still want to look at myself before I part with them. Well, I'm sitting there the other day going through the books I have from the library, and I'm thinking, really I can live without looking at the books in the box - two of them are Shakespeare plays - I have a book with the "complete" works of Shakespeare that I used for a course I took - why do I need two books with one play each, when I already have those plays in another book???? So, they are going to get moved back out of that box again, to be passed on to whereever.... There are other similar books - really, I may never get around to reading them, and they are taking up space.

Well, today is laundry day, and hair cut day. And I'm thinking of making pasta for supper. And I have a migraine that started yesterday. So, it's going to be a challenging day.....


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